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Sunday, November 9, 2014

***Email Ad #2 for your prospects*** {90}

{Chinese or Greek???} - Title


When you're trying to talk
to the people in your life
who are close to you...

does it seem like you're
speaking Chinese and they're
speaking Greek?

I got tired of the stress
and constantly butting heads...

Now my relationships are easy,
fun, and couldn't be
running more smoothly...

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It's just that no one
can know what's inside
your head -- except you...

Sometimes it's very, very
hard to communicate what's
important to you...

But I learned how to
master myself.
You can, too...

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[company] gives you proven
strategies that will show you how
to get along easily with the people
in your life...

And how to make all of your
relationships (both personal and
business) happy and productive...

[Your Name]

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P.S. When something unexpected
happens, do you feel out of
control and in chaos?

There's a quick and easy way
you can be rid of that anxiety

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