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Sunday, November 9, 2014

***E-mail Ad #11 for your prospects*** {99}

{firstname}, Let's Be Friends...- Title

Hi {firstname},

Home business is about relationships
with the people you are in business with.

When you join with someone in business,
You want to know upfront your sponsor will
be there for you.

Nothing is more important to me!

How many times have you tried to reach your
sponsor for some help, Only to find they make
you feel like you're bothering them?

It's the worst feeling. You're stuck and you just
need a little help, Or to get a question answered.

I have no respect for someone that goes MIA
after you join them.

In fact, the thing I enjoy most, is helping people.
It's much more satisfying when someone says
thanks, than when they pay me!

So how about taking a serious look at [company],
And lets get you on your way to financial freedom!!!

[http://www.your info here]


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