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Sunday, November 9, 2014

***E-mail Ad #3 for your prospects*** {91}

{Time Is Running Out} - Title


If you haven't taken advantage of the
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You're in luck -- there's still time...

But not much time.

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See, my business partners are really mad...
They don't see the point of selling
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I've been arguing about this with them
ever since we launched [company],
and I don't know how much longer I
can hold them off...

They're going to force me to move to the
higher price very soon...there may only be
[a few days] left at the old price, and that's it...

[company] is the best value you'll
find...hundreds of people are already
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seeing money coming in...

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I'm just telling you this because
I want you to get the best deal possible
on this...

I know from experience that sometimes we
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So go to the link right now,
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To your success!


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P.S. half off for a product of this quality,
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If you're at all serious about this business,
stop reading emails and get started:

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