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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

*** How To Add More Conversions, & Increase Sales *** {314}

There's a saying in sales and marketing that goes like this ..
"People don't buy what they don't understand."

If the prospect doesn't understand the product and thinks that buying it will add a lot of value to their lives, then they won't take action.

There are things you can do to help overcome these objections.
To increase the perceived value of the product, you need to focus on what the prospects want to accomplish by purchasing it. What is their end goal and why do they want it?

For example, if someone is purchasing traffic to their website, then they don't really want traffic, they want that traffic to convert into more signups and sales. They don't want traffic, they want sales. You need to focus on that benefit.

You can also increase the perceived value by using bonuses. Adding extra bonuses to your offer will increase the value they see in it. Think about how often an infomercial will tell you that if you by 1 product, you get another free. They are doubling the perceived value.

In internet marketing, you frequently see bonus packages for purchasing a product which include extra E-books, training, or other products that are all bundled to increase the perceived value.

What can you add to your offer to increase the value?

Your prospect also has to understand exactly how the product works to give them the benefit they desire. Confusion will always cause a prospect to resist buying.

Be careful not to assume that your prospect understands the product as well as you do. Explain things fully using the same words they use. Often, experts fall into the trap of using big words or acronyms that their audience doesn't understand. This is often called the "curse of knowledge".

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the prospect who probably does not know as much about the subject as you do. Use their words and help them understand how it works


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