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Saturday, June 9, 2018

*** MLM Retention, Recognition and Leadership Tips *** {277}

# 1 Retention Tips
  • The real money is in retention, not recruiting
  • Form relationships with each person you sponsor and everyone on your team; it's harder to quit on a friend than a stranger
  • Do the little things to make your team feel appreciated, such as making care calls and sending hand-written notes
  • Create a strong team culture that encourages personal growth and genuine friendship
  • Encourage people to enroll in auto-ship, so they use the products and have a great product experience
  • Help people make enough money to get their products for free
# 2 Recognition Tips
  • Most people will do more for recognition than they will do for money (babies cry for it and grown men die for it)
  • Have daily, weekly and monthly contests
  • Create certificates and medals and awards for your team
  • Recognize the activities you want people to do, not just the results
  • Make people feel appreciated whenever possible
  • Have contests where more than one person can win
  • Find out how each person likes to be recognized
# 3 Duplication Tips
  • Keep the business simple
  • Have a system for your new reps to follow
  • Always work with the newest, most excited person at the deepest level of your team
  • You motivate your team from the bottom up, not from the top down
  • Build depth, build taproot legs
  • Get people to events
  • Work closely with your new reps during their first 90 days
  • Get into each new rep’s sphere of influence as quickly as possible and help them sign up 1-2 people in their first 72-hours
# 4 Leadership Tips
  • Set the example for your group
  • The speed of the leader is the speed of the team
  • Do the things you want your team to do
  • Never expect people to do more than you do
  • Inspire others by your actions
  • Look for the best in people
  • Meet people where they are at and never pressure them to do more than they want to do with the business
  • Be a servant leader
  • Help people achieve their goals and you will naturally achieve yours

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