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Monday, March 2, 2015

***YOUR DIGI DO LIST, AND HOW TO UPGRADE TO A PAYLINER (Paypal/Solid Trust Pay)*** {174}

Google Translator: https://google.com/search?q=translator 

Here Is Your Digi Do List! => DO NOT DELETE! 

1. Post 10 Ads A Day 

Post a minimum of 10 ads a day, or more! The more ads you post, the more 
success you will have. It is that simple! 
If you post 10 Ads a day and someone else posts 20 a day, who do you think 
will have the most success? 

2. Send Welcome Email To New Tour Takers 

Every time you sign up a NEW Tour Taker you should send them a Welcome 
Email to encourage them to upgrade to a Payliner. You can also ask them to 
Let you know where they saw your ad. This information will help you to know 
What advertising resources work the best. 

3. Use DSP Team Mailer 

(a) Email your Tour Takers every 2-3 days, and every time you get paid. We 
have pre-written emails that you can send, and we also encourage you to write 
your own emails! Save them, and you can re-use them! 

We have pre-written Tour Taker Emails, but encourage you to write your own 
as well. 

(b) Email your Unqualified Payliners every 3-5 days to encourage them to 
post their 10 Ads (or more) a day. 

(c) If you have Inactive Payliners, email them once a week to encourage 
them to reactivate their account. If they reactivate their account they will not 
have to re-purchase any Package that they already paid for. Just pay the $7 
Payliner Fee and pick up right where they left off! Save your email, and send 
it every week! 

4. Share Advertising Resources 

When you get a New Payliner, always share some advertising resources to 
help them get Qualified faster! The fast they get Qualified, the faster you get 

5. Know Your Payliners Room 

We have a lot of tools in your Payliners Room to help you! Take some time to 
Click on every tab so you know where everything is. You should not have to 
contact Admin to ask where something is (and wait up to 24 hours for a reply). 
Just go look for it, and in doing so you could find other good stuff to help you! 

TeamWork Works! 

Ron Walsh 
CEO & Founder 
DigiSoft Payline 


I thought I would show you step by step on how to upgrade

to a payliner... Just follow these steps, and you should be 
ok...If not please contact ADMIN or MYSELF,  and we will 
be happy to help...

P.S. Please keep this for your records just in case you decide
that this is for you! 

{Follow these steps}:

1) Go back and login to your account  (  http://DigiSoftPayline.com/login.php )

2) Click the blue tab that says "UPGRADE TO A PAYLINER"

3) Scroll down and select your method of payment (Solid Trust/Payza) 

4) Complete form below (You can use Paypal for Package Payments)

5) Click the box that says "SUBSCRIPTION TYPE"

6) Pay your $7 monthly ADMIN FEE (Most people pay by the month)
                     $40 for 6 months (Optional)
                     $80 for 12 months (Optional)

7) After you secure your "ADMIN" fee, hit "PURCHASE PACKAGE" 
and you will see these options to choose from (Package #1 - #15 1 time/ Package #2 - $35 1 time/ or 
pay for both packages at a 1 time FEE of $50) No other FEES!

8) Check box (Yes I Agree)

9) "Upgrade"

10) All finished and you are now an "ACTIVE" Payliner. 

>>> Once I see that you've paid, I have to authorize payment through
whichever processor you've used, and then I will start sending you simple
info on how to get started, and I will be there every step of the way!
Contact me anytime!

Rick Brier (DigiSoft Payline - Sponsor)


Here is your Payliner Upgrade Instructions Using  Solid Trust Pay 

1. Login to DigiSoft and complete registration form on the Upgrade To Payliner Page. 

2. Select SolidTrust Pay as your Payment Method 

3. In the registration form you will be asked for your SolidTrust Pay Username, if you do not have 
a SolidTrust Pay account just enter your email address in that field.

4. After you submit the registration form we will provide you with an STP Payment button (click it) 

5. When you get to the STP site you will see 2 payment options (green buttons): 

-- (a) Pay From Account Balance 

-- (b) Pay by Debit/Credit Card 

6. Click the "Pay by Debit/Credit Card" button, and on the next page you would fill in your credit 
card information and submit that form.  (package #1 = $15 - package #2 = $35) Admin fee $7

===>  If you run into any problems upgrading, please let me know. 

***Once you've completed the steps above, Click the tab that says "Payment Options"
and scroll down to the bottom of the page, and choose what payment processor you 

want to use in order to get paid...{Example: I use Paypal, because I already have an account, so all I had to do is to input my E-mail address in the box, and hit the submit button..