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Sunday, November 9, 2014

***E-mail Ad #12 for your prospects {100}

{firstname}, You Have To Set Goals...- Title

Hi {firstname},

When I first started this business, I told myself that I wanted
to get at least ??? people to join my [company] team.
The reason for this is because I wanted something to work
towards. Once I'm able to achieve my goal of [???] people,
I will be making [$$$] upfront, and [$$$] per month
based on the [$$$] a month subscription that each member
is required to pay. I know I've used this example before,
But if you can get just [?] person/s per month, for a year, and
the process repeats itself, you will be making [???] per month
in residual income. Do you think that would change your life
just a little bit....I do!!!

I don't know about you, but this is a very powerful system when you
think about most businesses/programs don't offer any kind of residual
income plan. Even if you get a few members in your downline that aren't
working hard to promote, you will still receive their [$$$] per month
subscription, As long as they are a paying member of [company].

[company] is growing on a daily basis because the system is simple
to duplicate. All you have to do is plug-in, and get started. If you will
just put a little effort into your [company] business, I promise you
will not be disappointed. Just follow our "3 step system". Remember,
you're not alone, we provide help and support in order for you to be
successful. If you're not successful, then we won't be successful.

[http://www.your link here]

===>> [Name Here]

*Feel Free to Tweak these any way you see fit!

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