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Friday, May 4, 2018

*** 20 Ways To Generate More Leads For Your Business *** {258}

20 ideas anyone can do.  Just pick a couple things from this list that work for you and focus on those. 

1.  Put up a yard sign
2. Get a car magnet or sticker  
3. Get a nice business card
4. Advertise in your local newspaper
5. Create an email signature
6. Create a Linkedin Account
7. Mail Postcards
8. Create a YouTube Channel
9. Use Twitter every day
10. Write articles for article directories online
11. Boost a post on Facebook
12. Set up at a local event
13. Visit your local flea market and hand out flyers or business cards
14. Ask your friends if you can do a home party
15. Send out samples
16. Ask friends for referrals
17. Leave blog comments
18. Leave comments on forums
19. Buy leads
20. Wear clothing with your company logo on it

P.S. A few of these things can be purchased @
(www.vistaprint.com)- Some of these are fairly cheap!


Most People Won't Join Right Away

Most people won't join your team right away. In fact, most of the people that you do sponsor will take AT LEAST 7 to 20 exposures before they sign their name to the dotted line and become a distributor.

The only purpose of an exposure is to make another one.  The money really is in the follow up.  Stay in touch with people until they buy or die, but do so in a non-hype, non-threatening manner.

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