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Sunday, November 9, 2014

***E-mail Ad #4 for your prospects*** {92}

{Frankly (firstname), You Puzzle Me.} - Title


I've been telling you all about [company]
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I also told you about the money back guarantee
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Yet you haven't taken action yet...

Tell me, , what else do I have to do?

Are you serious about making money online, or
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You know that the one thing that stops over 95%
of all the people who say they want to make
money online?

They don't take action...they sit around and
think, and dream, and fantasize about what life
will be like when they've struck it rich...

And all those dreams can become reality, as they
have for thousands of people already...

But you have to snap out of your dream state
and DO something here in the real world...

Once you take action, everything else
starts moving for you...

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I hope I'm not being too harsh here...
I just assumed that you don't want to be
part of the 95% that are all talk and no walk...

[company] is simple and easy to use, and
I know it works because I've used all the
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And I guarantee it!

So become one of the elite top 5%, and
your dreams will be within your reach...

It's your call...

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To your success!


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