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Sunday, November 9, 2014

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{Take This Insanity Test.} - Title


Have you heard the definition of insanity?
It's doing things the same way
over and over and
over and over...

and expecting different results...

It's not your fault that
you get stuck in the
same old ruts...

sometimes all you need is
a fresh perspective to
turn everything around...

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[company] gives you a new twist
instead of the same tired old methods...

That's why so many people are getting
the best results they've ever gotten...

These people are definitely sane...
They realized that their old ways of
doing business were no longer working...

And so they took action and changed
course...and now they're reaping
the benefits...and the increased profits...

So...are you insane?

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To your success!

[Your Name]

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P.S. To overcome your insanity,
you don't have to go through a grueling program...

you don't have to lose a bunch of weight,
change your diet or abandon your family...

You just have to change your mind...

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