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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

*** Marketing Quotes From The Book Network Marketing Made Simple *** {257}

I received this E-mail today from a fellow Marketer Who read the book Network
Marketing made simple, and after checking it out, I thought I would post and share this info...

{From The Book Network Marketing Made Simple!}

*** 10 Reasons Why I Love My Business *** {256}

1. The system does all of the telling and selling so that we don't have to know everything about everything, which makes everything so duplicatable.

2. Highly in demand products that are competitively priced to sell for customer acquisition.

3. Low start up cost of $15 for package 1, and $35 for package 2.

4. You can literally maintain your business for $7 a month.

5. You can let people take a FREE Tour before deciding.

6. Alexa ranking (382,000), and getting better by the day.

7. Awesome community recognition so that the new person feels they are making progress at an early stage.

8. Community support system that is bar none the most powerful in the industry.

9. A reverse 1 and 2 up compensation plan paid member to member.

10. And last but not least.. many people who have been through multiple companies in the past with no success and are finally making money and lots of them hitting major ranks ONLY with {DSP} - DigiSoft Payline.

P.S. I could go on and on about the value you get for such a cheap price.

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“What you sow, you reap. It’s a law of nature. Network Marketing is perfectly aligned with that. You get truly, EXACTLY what you’re worth! No nepotism, no favoritism. That’s rare today.” - Bob Proctor

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