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Sunday, July 10, 2016

***Small Twitter ADS For Your Marketing Efforts!*** {205}

Twitter's social network is special because it limits the number of letters (or characters) a person types to just 140 letters per post. In this section I have provided you with simple, effective, Twitter friendly posts for you to use in your marketing.


1. Turn your Twitter account into an ATM machine! Check out this link!

2. 140 dollars, in 140 characters or less. Find out how at

3. Finally a work from home website that really works, I just got my first check!

4.International? Check. Reliable? Check What did I get this Friday? Oh that's right, a check. Its time you got checks too, check out

5. I fired my boss, and started my own company online, check it out by clicking this.

6. Everyone's occupying wall-street when they should be occupying their time doing this...

7. This is the most important video of your twitter career.

8. Forget stocks- I just doubled my money in the last HOUR.

9. Today is the day to change your finances. Find out how i did it at

10. My link has been clicked so many times, I have a picture of it in my wallet

11. Have you seen this video yet? I barely watch it all the way to the end.

12. Forget what you know about marketing. This is the real deal.

13. If you haven't been trained yet to make money online. I have something for you.

14. My tweets make money. Find out how yours can too.

15. Tired of your job? Make Money online instead! Its easy!

16. Stop the glorification of busy. Do something that matters!

17. Don't work hard, get paid for smart thinking.

18. Do you love social media? Our company wants to pay you!

19. Online business, is the future of business! Get in the know!

20. People who don't make money online just don't understand...

21. Screw the economy- this is digital gold.

22. Be on the side of sales, that's where all the money is...

23. Online Entrepreneur? Obviously you need to take a look at this.

24. Poverty is sooo pre-internet...

25. This new sales system is converting like crazy. Cheers to the people at paycheck Nation for being at the top of their game.

26. If you cant buy organic- then you cant even afford real food. Here's how I beat the system.

27. Bitcoin- eat your heart out... This is the real future of business.

28. 99% of businesses fail because they don't know this one trick.

29. Remember when they said the internet wasn't going to catch on? Don't be one of those people...

30. My company is paying me $80 in cash on a $20 product. Want to see why it makes sense? Click here and find out.

31. My company pays me every Friday for posting ads online. Check it out at

32. Everyone is posting about Mondays as if their real problem isn't the job they have. Find out why Im my own boss at

33. Your kids deserve more than just a dad who is there after his 9 to 5. Find out how you can give them the time they deserve at

34. Wow, my company just made the news today. Check this out

35. A job is no substitute for a good business model. See mine at

36. Sick of seeing me make all the money? Join our team!

37. Getting paid to copy and paste? yup, its pretty much that easy

38. There are two types of people on Twitter. People who criticize action and people who take action. Which one are you?

39. Did you know you can make WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOUSE? Check out this cool video at

40. Poor people drop $200 on sneakers but see opportunity as a risk.

41. When people ask me how I'm making it in this economy, I just show them what someone showed me. It says everything.

42. Forbes magazine predicted this was the future of business...

43. I'm literally getting paid to post this. Cha-chiiinnngg!!!

44. Everyone is in sales, the difference is, some people are selling themselves the idea that a job means security.

45. When I see the stock market go down, I feel bad for others,

46. Weekly Paychecks straight into my bank account. Find out how I'm doing it at

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49. My finances aren't dependent on what my boss thinks. If yours are, you're in a scary situation.

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51. Get this- I don't even need to work hard to get paid. Don't be jealous, join the movement.

52. Never have I seen this kind of money before. Online is changing everything.

53. Paid to use Twitter? You better believe it...

54. Ive tried everything to make money online, and then I discovered this one trick and it changed everything...

55. The age of retirement is getting bigger every year- luckily, so are my paychecks...

56. If you aren't making money online yet- you're WAY behind the curve...

57. This post is going to make me $80 in the next 15 minutes. Find out how YOU can make money with your Twitter status at

58. You aren't seriously relying on your JOB to live the life you want, are you?

59. Still waiting for that promotion? try this instead:

60. You bank online, why aren't you earning money online?

61. 80 days to 80k? You better believe it.

62. Paycheck Nation is a simple, cheap, and lucrative home start-up. Check it out at

63. People forget they deserve more than just a 9 to 5 and pat on the back from their boss. Break the cycle at

64. Wake up and smell the profits.

65. Excellent work deserves excellent pay. Get paid for your results at

66. Paycheck Nation is changing the way business is done online. Check it out

67. Whoa, just.... whoa.

68. Can you believe this dude? Crazy...

69. I've never asked any of you guys for anything before, but if you don't click this link, I may just have to call in a favor

70. Don't open this at work, it is NOT work friendly.

71. Blow the lid off of your bank account with this one trick

72. This is my business secret...

73. My wife saw me watching this and what happened next was crazy.

74. What do you guys think about this video?

75. Hey does anyone else do this program?

76. I didn't realize this company was so popular now

77. "Action, is the antidote to despair." -Joan Boaz

78. Taking action is the way you turn dreams into realities.

79. Now is the time- stop acting like your life is a rehearsal.

80. If what you're doing now isn't making you money, how is continuing to do it going to change anything?

81. Making money with this program is so easy my grandmother is doing it.

82. Every wonder why some young people have more money than you? Its because they're doing this online business...

83. Its time for a change in your life. Find out how I made my change at:

84. Few things are as attractive as a person who takes action.

85. If you're looking for an excuse to join, you can tell everybody I pressured you.

86. Don't be stingy with the mouse, check out my link, I think you'll like what it has to say

87. This is going to blow your mind...

88. I hate to say it, but most of you guys don't even understand what this video is saying.

89. This video is how I finally paid off my student loans!

90. Hey are you in the Nation yet? Check this out!

91. Crazy how different my life was before I found this video!

92. People are too busy watching American idol to watch something like this that matters to them in real life.

93. Over 10,000 reviews online and STILL the number one opportunity in the world. This video is crushing it!

94. Its not enough to want, you also have to act to get what you want.

95. Successful people are always looking for a new way to be better. For me, this was a real eye opener.

96. If you don't absolutely love what you do, its time you watched this video and made a real change.

97. This video was a huge inspiration for me, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did

98. I make more money Tweeting statuses than you do at work. Find out how I do it at

99. Whoa, this video literally just changed my perspective about money.

100. Hey are you looking for work online? Check out this video, I think its what you're looking for...

101. If you're already on Twitter, you might as well get paid for it!

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