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Friday, August 7, 2020

*** My Team Won't Do Anything! *** {423}

 Why won't my team do anything? Your prospect joins your business, and does NOTHING. Basically going into the witness protection program. Have you ever felt like that before? Most of us have.

The numbers say that for every 100 people on your team only about 3 to 7 are serious, and about 10 of those will even do anything at all to grow their business.

Instead of worrying about what the 90+ people are doing, try to focus on helping the 3 to 7 people who are actually working the business, and moving forward.

The select few non-producers, will never do anything, so stop trying trying to get them producing. It's not your fault! Continue working with the willing, and always try to find more who are willing.

Keep busy moving forward with your business if it's stagnant and build more depth.

It doesn't matter who you are, or what business you're involved with, just know that most of your team will do absolutely nothing, So don't beat yourself up about it, just accept it, and always be for the willing. For some unknown reason, people just like being a part of something. Lead by example, and inspire them with your actions!


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The power of a great system

Most people fail in network marketing because they are not given a clear road map,a system, to follow. Without this type of well-defined system, many new independent representatives can quickly become discouraged.

They do not experience the success that first enticed them to become involved in our industry and quickly lose passion, excitement, and commitment.

Did you know that, according to industry averages, 8 out of 10 people who sign up with a direct-sales/network marketing company stay less than one year?

Most people would agree that they work too hard recruiting to experience that level of loss and frustration. An effective system can be instrumental in addressing two essential areas first, it will help equip new enrolees to achieve quick and consistent success, and second, it sets the stage for long-term retention.

As all network marketers know, the more positive and rewarding the experience, the longer people will remain active in the opportunity.

Get your road map here:

=> http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?rick2323


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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

*** 3 Questions To Get Prospects Asking You For More Info *** {422}

I'm going to share some tips on how to get prospects coming back to you for more info, resources, and tools from you.

Ever feel like you're chasing prospects but no one is coming to you for info? Below are just (3) tips on how to make that happen. When speaking to your prospects, try not to sound pushy or come off to strong, or you will be wasting your time on trying to sell them on your concepts.

(3) Questions I typically ask:

1) Do you mind if I ask what you've tried in the past?

2) Why do you think things did/didn't work for you?

3) Do you feel you're serious and committed now to (?) or is the timing bad? I'm asking because I know of something I believe can help, but want to make sure you're open and ready before I tell you about it. (Whatever you talk about, always ask if they're open, and give them an out)

There are some closing techniques that will always have them coming back for more, along with these (3) questions.

These tips do work and will help you take your business to the next level. Feel free to create your own questions as well.

Here you go - Give it a try. Once you've prequalified them, this is how you would end your interaction with your prospect...

1) Based on the info you've shared with me, I think my product/business (Don't mention the name of your company), can help you (Whatever their goal may be.)

Always throw the info they shared right back at them.

This technique is bit more bold, but does work.

2) "Great! I have a 1:00 and 2:30 PM open today. Otherwise, I'm booked solid with appointments/clients. Do either of those times work for you? We only need about 5 minutes to chat before I send you the info? There's a few questions I'd like to ask, so I know what info to send."

This step obviously depends on the business, because with DigiSoft Payline, we send a link to our 6 minute how it works movie, and when they come back at me with more questions, I then send them a link to one of my blog posts. I created a Q&A page that takes the reader about 5 minutes to get a better understanding of what we are all about. 

When contacting your prospect, it can be through Zoom, Skype, or even a Text. You decide what works best for you.

Doesn't matter what you're doing that day, always make sure to let them know when you're going to be available

Give them a couple of different times, and if they can't make either one work, then figure out what works for them, but act like you're schedule is full on the time they select even though it may not be. If they're serious then they will contact you, and if they weren't, then great! They didn't waste your time!

You may not like getting on the phone, and if not, that's OK, because as you've heard me say many times, that there are many ways to build a business. The advantage of getting on the phone with your prospect, is that you can get a better Idea of how serious they are, and again you can cut your wasted time down considerably.

Don;t take it personally if you do send your prospect the information they requested, and then they never look at it. It happens to everyone. I get flooded everyday on Messenger with prospects asking me for more info about my business, and some of them never check it out, and it literally takes less than 10 minutes to create your FREE TOUR TAKERS account, and watch our very short how it works movie, before they need to ask me any questions. I utilize my time wisely because I also send a link to one of my blog posts that explains things more in detail. 

I usually give them no more than about a week, before I contact them again asking if they had a chance to check out the info I sent. I know before contacting them weather or not they watched our how it works movie, because the system is automated, and I get E-mails letting me know when people comes to my capture page and creates a FREE account!

If you can get a commitment from your prospect before giving them the info, that's Awesome! You're getting them qualified, and not the other way around!!!


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Sunday, August 2, 2020

*** Three MLM Important Quick Tips *** {421}

Just wanted to share (3) really quick tips with you:

1) You must Advertise:

All businesses known to man ADVERTISE, and Network Marketing is no different. You should have in mind, how much money you should hold back monthly for your advertising budget.

When people join me here @ DigiSoft Payline, I tell them when starting out, to use as many FREE methods as possible, until you start making money, and then figure out a monthly budget. I pay for advertising and post random ADS for everyone on my team so they don't have too. If you should opt to utilize paid advertising, start out small. Maybe around $100-$150, and then scale up from there as your earnings grow.

If you still work a full time job, paid Advertising allows you to work smarter, and will free up some of your time. I recommend still using word of mouth as well. Multiple methods are required, you just need to figure out what works best for you.

There are never any guarantees for success, but when you advertise, you are getting your name out there, and you are able to generate more leads on auto pilot, which in turn will give you a better chance to be successful. As long as you don't quit!!! You can't fail!!!

You may have to experiment with what works for you, but once you figure it out, Go all in on your business, and don't be cheap!

If you're short on cash for your advertising efforts, you can either retail some of your company products, or sell some of your personal items if need be!

2) Leader Facts:

Every leader I know builds there business differently from other leaders. "News Flash", There is more than (1) way to build a successful Network Marketing Business, even if they work in the same company. Duplication is flawed because everyone has a different skill set, and no one puts in the same amount of time to achieve success!

Leaders Innovate: They leverage their talents and abilities in order to work smarter, and pass along their knowledge about the industry,  with hopes of making the learning curve much smaller! You must learn to leverage your time, if you want to build it big!

Unless you are already a skilled Network Marketer, you should follow the system, but by all means utilize the skill sets you already have.

Get your new members on set system for them to follow, and it can differ from yours obviously, and they aren't willing to follow, work more closely with the individuals who will listen to you. Don't be upset for those who go in a different direction! Just make a point to let them know that you are always there for them when needed!

3) Never Make Fun Of Someones Job:

Network Marketing isn't for everyone, and there has to be people out there working in corporate America, so society won't collapse.

Just because someone has a job, you should applaud them because they are making an effort to support their family, even if it's a bottom of the barrel job. I have great respect for the working class citizens out there. Just because I don't have a job, and work from home, doesn't make me any better than anyone else!

Also for those that have job, be thankful because there are millions of people out there who would probably love to have your job, even if they wouldn't enjoy it.

Instead of bad mouthing people with jobs, show them how doing what you do, can be beneficial. A second stream of income can not only help people with financial struggles, but can even get them to fire their boss! Wouldn't you like to call you boss, and tell him/her that they are fired? How cool is that.... 

If you properly explain it without over thinking things, I'm sure many of them will see the value with what you are offering them, and you may actually get some of them to join your company!

Your best prospects are the individuals that are already involved and own a business, and think like an Entrepreneur! Duplicate the results, not the process!

 => https://rbrier2323.blogspot.com/2020/04/digisoft-payline-q-376.html 


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Saturday, July 25, 2020

*** Quick Tips On Over Coming Objections *** {420}

When prospecting you will experience a lot of objections, and I don't care who you are, including me. Here are just a few that I've heard, and some advice on how to over come your prospects objections:

I don't know many people:

Anyone can become a part of your team - Could be your next door neighbor, a co-worker, your bank teller, etc...With Network Marketing you don't need a ton of people in order to be successful! Be honest, and confident in yourself. You only need to find a handful of like minded individuals, and they can actually help you build your business if you have a good company compensation plan! 

My friend tried and failed:

A lot of people try and fail in Network Marketing. Just because you may happen to know someone who had negative things to say about it, and failed. There could be a number of reasons why. No matter if it was their fault or not. You're different from your friend, and just because they didn't succeed, that certainly doesn't mean that you won't. If you join me @ DigiSoft Payline, I can personally GUARANTEE your success, as long as you put forth effort, and don't quit! You must be coachable, and be able to devote at least 1-2 hours daily developing your craft!

I need to think about it:

You can think about it until the cows come home, but for everyday you sit on the fence, it's going to be that much longer to achieve your success. You might miss out on your next rock star, so you can't wait, for success, you have to go get it! When you join a company, they are giving you the ability to resolve some of life's problems, such as financial freedom, time, and education!

I don't have time:

By starting now, you are creating a long term residual income, and the time used now, will only bring more time and freedom later in life. Marketing is one of the only professions that will create a long term residual income! We all have busy lives, and a very high percentage of people hate their jobs, and would rather be able to spend more time with family, or doing whatever it is you enjoy. Life is too short, and you all deserve a better way of life!

I don't have the money:

The initial investment to join an MLM company is between $200-$250 to become a distributor. Far less than owning a brick and mortar business obviously. DigiSoft Payline only costs $57 1 time, and by contacting me directly, I can get you in @ an even greater discount. Think about all the money you spend on food, electric, rent/mortgage, gas, etc... Wouldn't it be nice to join an online opportunity so you were able to purchase that luxury car you've been wanting, or that vacation you've been wanting to take the family on. Or if nothing else, how about the nest egg you will leave behind for your kids? That is my why... What is yours? 

=> http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?rick2323 (Create FREE tour takers account!)


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Would an extra $100 a day help?

If you were walking down the street and you saw a $100 dollar bill on the sidewalk... would you pick it up?

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If you didn't click that link above, it would literally be like walking past what's yours for the taking.

==> Check it out: http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?rick2323

So if I were you, I would "pick it up" now before the next person who "passes it by" takes advantage of it...

P.S. I also share all of my advertising resources, and advertise for everyone in my Downline~!!!


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Thursday, July 23, 2020

*** How Long Will It Take To Build A Network Marketing Business? *** {419}

This is very difficult to say, but I will do my best, and assume from the time you join your Network Marketing company, until you're able to live off of it full time.

Network Marketing has a huge learning curve, and will vary from person to person. By learning the ins and outs, of Marketing, is like getting a college degree in any profession you choose. From what I've seen over my years, is that the average person will be able to live off of there business anywhere between 3-5 years of hard work.

The reason why I say this is because the first year in the industry, you are going to have many setbacks, so don't get discouraged and quit, like so many do. This is a big reason why 98.2% of the people who join a Network Marketing company fail! Roughly The next two years will be about how fast you can learn, and adapt your skills. Again success will vary. When you join us @ DigiSoft Payline, I will never guarantee anyone's success, because I don't know how serious you are about building your business, but I can guarantee that your learning curve will be much smaller because of Myself, and the way the business was thought out. The quicker you can pick this up, the quicker you can fire your boss, and not have to punch the time clock ever again!

Realistically speaking, after your third year into the industry, If you will roll up your sleeves and get busy, there is no reason why you couldn't be earning a great 5-6 figure income per month...NOT YEAR! I know you're thinking that's not possible, but I know a lot of individuals who are making much more than that. If your company compensation plan has implemented a Residual income, or at the very least, built around leverage, the sky's the limit, and the only way you can succeed in this industry. 

Most people that get involved in our industry , are doing so for different reasons, other than it's just a new job for them, and one reason is because they are sold on the dream that someone else created for them, and the second is those that are successful, understand that this is a full time job, but it doesn't bother them because they enjoy what their doing. These individuals have what most others don't have, and that is they lack time freedom to do what they want, when they want.

This industry is very addicting, and if you're not careful, you may actually find yourself making some pretty friends, and relationships, fun traveling adventures, and creating the mind set of a champion, long before earning a 5-7 figure income in the industry. You control your own destiny, but in time, your biggest asset will be YOU! With this being said, I've seen some of our top earners take a decade or more to get where they are today. Where would they be today, if they decided to quit, when the going got tough? If you will put your nose to the grindstone, and work your business, and not like a hobby, anything is possible! --Join me today, and let's walk that journey together!



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Once again...

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Friday, July 17, 2020

*** The Power Of 20 Contacts Per Day *** {418}

I wanted to make this post showing you how your business can grow if you were to contact just 20 people per day. If you were to do this on a daily basis for a year, you would be in contact with 7,300 people. You can make the numbers whatever works for you, but for my example, I'm using 20 people daily. Now let's assume that ten out of those twenty people you talk to agrees to view your company presentation, and five of those ten decides to upgrade as a distributor. That's a ten percent conversion rate, which is slightly higher than the normal three to seven percent conversion rate. This is usually based on bigger numbers.

Now let's also suppose that two of those new distributors decides to kill it, and becomes a rock star/leader, building a massive business. Your numbers at the end of the year would roughly look like this, and will vary.

• 7,300 people prospected
• 1,460 presentations given
• 292 people sponsored
• 58 people who build a descent part time business
• 10 rock stars who build it big

Are you capable of contacting 20 people daily, if it meant changing your life, and business? I use Facebook Messenger, and contact roughly fifty people daily about my business opportunity, and it really doesn't take me that long. You can do whatever works best for you, weather that is phone, e-mail, texting, social media, face to face, etc... it doesn't matter as long as you utilize your time wisely.

More way's to make contact:

I'm going to give you a few more examples of lead generation strategies on how to get your offers out in front of others.

1) Local Events (This will get you out in front of your community, and get known)
2) Mail Postcards (These work great, but are pricey)
3) Solo Ads (Another great strategy, but have to be consistent month in and month out)
4) Podcasting (Good for great speakers)
5) Cold Calling (Not one of my favorites, but does work)
6) YouTube Videos (Free to do, and you can make as many short videos as you like)
7) Facebook Ads (There are over 4 billion users, so you won't have any problems finding interested prospects)
8) Purchase Leads and Call Them (Again, not one of my favorite methods)
9) Blogging (I love blogging, and most of my success comes from it)
10) Pay-Per-Click (Unless you have previous experience, Leave this alone)

These are just a few methods that I came up with. If you know of other way's to try, go for it. Basically pick a couple of these strategies, and see what you can do. Your goal is to hit the numbers you've already selected before hand, and make sure it happens no matter what!

You must be persistent, and don't over complicate things. Use the KISS approach. (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!) You can probably accomplish your daily goal in no more than an hour per day, just make sure you're using all of the strategies you've created for business success!

Quick Tip:

Consistency is key. It's best to contact just ten prospects everyday, rather than contacting fifty prospects just once. This is a quote from the great - Zig Ziglar (RIP!) Even if you only have time to contact five people daily, that's Ok also. Just means that it will take you a little longer to build your business, and achieve your ultimate success!

=> http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?rick2323


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Thursday, July 16, 2020

*** Reverse Prospecting Tips *** {417}

Reverse prospecting is a process of prospecting people who prospect you first. If you choose to utilize this method to generate more leads, you will find it to be quite effective. The average person gets hundreds of marketing message every day through radio, phone, T.V, internet, and many more via media. Smart marketers can figure out ways to reply to these messages by offering their products, services, or business opportunity. Below are just a few examples of reverse prospecting in no particular order.

1) When you receive a postcard in the mail, send one back to the person pitching your opportunity!

2) If you read the classified section in magazines promoting a business opportunity, respond to the person by telling them that you respect what they are doing, and how you like their AD, and if they are ever unhappy or wanting to move on from what they were doing, let them know that you may have something they would be interested in!

3) When you're out in public, look for business cards on bulletin/cork boards, and get their contact info, and either call or E-mail them asking if they may interested in an additional stream of income!

4) Create an E-mail signature that gets sent out with every E-mail you receive in both your inbox or spam folder with a simple message with "NOT INTERESTED" THANK YOU! By doing this, you may get some of your recipients checking out what you're offering!

5) I receive a lot of calls from telemarketers. Just listen to what they say, and politely let them know that you're not interested. compliment them on what a great job they've done, and that they are someone that you're looking for to expand your business. Then send them your capture page URL, or to your blog post so they can view the company video, or in the case of DigiSoft Payline, the 6 minute how it works movie!

6) We all get door-to-door sales people knocking on our doors to sell us something. Listen to their spiel for a brief moment, and kindly tell them that you aren't interested, and again compliment them on great job they've done. Let them know that if they ever want to start a new career in sales, they can check out your website. (give them your URL)!

7) When you receive E-mails from people promoting their opportunities, respond with something like, "NO THANK YOU", I'm already involved with another great opportunity, and attach your capture page URL in the E-mail you send. If you're like me and get around 5,000 E-mails daily, you obviously can't do that with every one, so just pick a few everyday. A few are better than none!

*Wrapping It Up:

By doing just a few daily...Maybe around 20 or so, that's 140 weekly, 560 monthly, and 6,720 yearly. Think of how much your business will grow just from this one strategy, not to mention if you were to implement a few of the others I mentioned. The numbers can be whatever you have time for, just try to be consistent! (You will be surprised at how much exposure you're business will get)!

=> https://rbrier2323.blogspot.com/2020/04/digisoft-payline-q-376.html


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