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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

*** What Should You Be Posting On Linkedin? *** {326}

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Out of ideas? Stuck on what to post?

TODAY I'm sharing the TOP 10 Post Types for LinkedIn
If you're struggling to create content? Don't have a lot of time?
Let's put an end to that right here, and right now!
So here we go!

Here are the Top 10 Types of Posts You Should Share on LinkedIn

#1. Video, video, video
According to LinkedIn video is five times more likely to start a conversation among members.
And short videos, one minute or less, are super powerful.
If you've never done video before this is a GREAT place to start!
Tip: Start with a short video where you ask a question like... "I'd love to know what you feel your biggest challenge is in growing your business. Comment below."

#2. Images featuring statistics
People love stats. Create a "social file". Give people info from case studies, external research, or surveys and showcase them with an info graphic.

#3. Product launches, new free guides, and best practices that keep your audience up to date.
This is all about providing your audience with valuable information that can help them move forward in their businesses and their lives.

#4. Celebrations, wins, milestones
If you hit the leader board create a post about it. This isn't bragging. It's giving you credibility as someone who is successful and a leader.

#5. Drive registrations for events, courses & programs
Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn recognizes that it's a business platform, rather than a "social" platform. LinkedIn does not penalize you in the algorithm for putting links directly to a landing page, a sales page, or a registration page right in your post. In fact, LinkedIn expects you to do this!

#6. Promote E-books
Create 4-5 images and videos featuring the E-book cover, stats, quotes and tips taken from the content of the E-book and use these to promote your free guide or book.

#7. Share other people's content
Linkedin loves it when you share other people's content on LinkedIn. Take someone else's post, video or article on LinkedIn and share it with a few comments of your own. This will help you in the algorithm.

#8. Surveys, polls, self-assessments
People to tell you about themselves, and they love giving their opinions. Use surveys, polls and self-assessments as tools to grow your list.

#9. Do your own research
Google, google, google, google and share. It's just that simple.

#10. Tips, tools & techniques
Share information on your favorite app or tool and why you love it, how it's made your life and building your business easier

#11. Inspirational, motivational posts
These can be quotes, videos of your own or from other people.
Use these ideas and get posting TODAY!

===>  https://www.linkedin.com/in/rick2323/  (My personal profile) - Let's connect and discuss business!

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Friday, August 9, 2019

*** Tips for Following Up with Your Prospects *** {325}

Tips for Following Up with Your Prospects

The fortune is in the follow-up.  You've probably heard that before.  That being said, most people in our industry are horrible at the follow-up.  Here are a few tips to help you improve your skills. 

1.  Every prospect is a prospect for life. (Until they Buy or Die)

2.  Follow up with every prospect at least once every 30-days until they buy, die or tell you    not to contact them again.

3.  Most prospects will need a minimum of Seven to Twenty follow-ups before they buy or join.

4.  Use a combination of ways to follow up to include text, direct mail,email, phone, Facebook, video and face to face. (I like to use Facebook Messenger)

5. One of the best ways to follow up is with a postcard or handwritten note.

6. Always schedule your next follow up with your prospect before you get off the phone with them; that way you don't play phone tag.

7. Keep a list of everyone you have ever talked to about your business and keep the names in a database in one location. (You want easy access)

8. Automate the follow up process by using an Autoresponder. (They are relatively cheap)

9. Every time you follow up, ask the person to take out their credit card and buy or join.

10. Never use pressure or hype. (Always make yourself readily available)

11. Treat everyone you talk to as well as you would treat your own mother.

12.  Realize your best people might tell you NO 20 or 30 times before they eventually join your team. (I've had people tell me NO for years before joining)

13.  When you follow up, ask questions and listen. (You are building a rapport)

===>  http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?ctaureka530

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

*** Introducing The DigiSoft Payline 1-2 UP Infinity Pay Plan *** {324}

Introducing The DigiSoft Payline 1-2 UP Infinity Pay Plan
The 1-2 UP Infinity Pay Plan is the Intellectual and Proprietary Property of Ron Walsh,
and DigiSoftPayline.com. Any Reproduction in Whole or in Part Will Result in Legal Action.
Our one-of-a-kind proprietary "1-2 UP Infinity Pay Plan" was engineered by Ron Walsh, our CEO & Founder. DigiSoft Payliners earn commissions selling your 2 Digital & Software Product Packages. Each Product Package has its own unique Pay Plan, and while each Pay Plan pays commissions independently of the other, Pay Plan #1 seamlessly flows into Pay Plan #2 to create one of the most affordable and profitable income opportunities online today! We payout a full 100% on all Package Sales, and commissions are sent instantly member-to-member! So there's no waiting to get paid, and the company never touches your money!
Package #1
$15 One-Time Payment - 100% Payout - Commissions Paid Instantly Through a 1UP Infinity Pay Plan

Package #2
$35 One-Time Payment - 100% Payout - Commissions Paid Instantly Through a 2UP Infinity Pay Plan
Getting Started!
To get started you would upgrade to a DigiSoft Payliner, for just $7/month. The monthly Payliner Fee is for your DigiSoft Website & Hosting, Tracking Software to run your business, and Training & Marketing Materials found in the Payliner's Room. The $7 Admin/Payliner Fee is the only way the company makes money because we payout a full 100% on all sales.
After you have upgraded to a DigiSoft Payliner you would submit your Purchase request for the Package Levels you wish to earn commissions at. You cannot skip Package #1. You can start by purchasing Package #1 by itself, or you can purchase Packages 1 & 2 from the very to maximize your earning potential. This is what most people do!
Package Level #1 (One-Time Payment of $15) - 1UP Infinity Pay Plan
When your payment is confirmed by your Package Sponsor you will be placed in our 1UP Infinity Pay Plan, and receive an email telling you it's ok to start promoting your DigiSoft website. You will also learn where to download the Digital & Software Products in Package #1. Please Note - The Tour Taker Sign Up Form on your DigiSoft website will not be activated until your payment for Package #1 has been confirmed by your Package Sponsor.

1UP Infinity Pay Plan - How It Works!

  1. You would send $15 to your Package Sponsor for Package #1.

  2. Your first sale is called your 1UP Qualifying Sale, and that Person/Sale is passed up to your Package Sponsor whom he or she will pay $15 for Package #1.

  3. Your second sale onward (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.) is called a Personal Sale, and each Personal Sale starts a new Payline. When you start a Payline you become the Package Sponsor for everyone in that Payline, so your Personal Sales will pay you $15 for Package #1, and they will also pass up their first Person/Sale to you.

  4. When someone is passed up to you, you become their Package Sponsor and they pay you $15 for Package #1. They will also pass up their first Person/Sale to you. This continues Infinity Deep in each Payline, and we call these sales Infinity Team Sales.
Please Note: Your personal referrals and or the people passed up to you as an Infinity Team Sale earn commissions the exact same way you do at Package #1, in that they start their first Payline with their second sale onward (2, 3, 4, etc.).
* DO NOT send $15 to anyone for Package #1 until you have submitted your Purchase Request, and our Tracking Software tells you who your Package Sponsor is. Only our Tracking Software can tell you who your Package Sponsor is going to be, and who you need to send your $15 payment to.
It is not inconceivable for anyone to have 25, 50, 100 or more Paylines at Package Level #1, and every $15 Infinity Team Sales is Passive Income because someone else did the work to give you their 1UP Qualifying Sale! Imagine waking up in the morning or coming home after work every day to find 10 or more $15 payments deposited into your favorite online account, and all you have to do is login to your DigiSoft Payliner's Room to confirm the payments!
Package Level #2 (One-Time Payment of $35) - 2UP Infinity Pay Plan
If the $15 Infinity Deep payments at Package #1 have you excited, you're going to be blown away when you see the doubling effect a 2UP Infinity Pay Plan has on your Paylines, and income at Package Level #2!
If you do not purchase Package #2 (one-time $35 payment), and or one of your Personal Referrals submits their purchase request for Package #2 before your payment for Package #2 has been confirmed, they will Roll UP to the next Active Qualified Payliner at Package Level #2, and you will not receive credit for the sale. This is why most people are choosing to purchase both Product Packages from the very start for a one-time payment of $50!
The big difference between a 1UP and 2UP Infinity Pay Plan is the number of Qualifying Sales everyone needs to pass up before they start their own Paylines. With a 2UP Infinity Pay Plan everyone passes up their first 2 People/Sales to their Package Sponsor. This is a very exciting because it has a doubling effect on your Paylines that'll send your income through the roof!
Pay close attention to your 1st Payline in the 2UP Flow Chart below. Note how Andy passes up his first 2 People/Sales to you (Sally and Tom). You now have 2 Paylines because in a 2UP Infinity Pay Plan each person who is not fully Qualified represents a Payline. Then Sally and Tom pass up their first 2 People/Sales to you, and your 2 Paylines turns into 4 Paylines (Mike, Sam, Cathy, & Karah)! Then the 4 Paylines will turn into 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, and so on to Infinity Deep! This does not happen in the 1UP Infinity Pay Plan.
As your Personal Referrals/Sales follow you over from Package Level #1 this doubling effect to Infinity Deep will happen in all of your Paylines at Package Level #2! You sell Package #1 (which is not hard to do), and Package #2 will sell itself because of the Doubling Effect, and the Infinity Deep $35 Payments!
2UP Infinity Pay Plan - How It Works!

  1. You would send $35 to your Package Sponsor for Package #2.

  2. Your first 2 sales are called your 2UP Qualifying Sales, and those People/Sales are passed up to your Package Sponsor whom they will pay $35 for Package #2.

  3. Your third sale onward (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.) is called a Personal Sale, and each Personal Sale starts a new Payline. When you start a Payline you become the Package Sponsor for everyone in that Payline, so your Personal Sales will pay you $35 for Package #2, and they will also pass up their first 2 People/Sales to you.

  4. When someone is passed up to you, you become their Package Sponsor and they pay you $35 for Package #2. They will also pass up their first 2 People/Sales to you. This continues Infinity Deep in each Payline, and we call these sales Infinity Team Sales.
Please Note: Your personal referrals and or the people passed up to you as an Infinity Team Sale earn commissions the exact same way you do at Package #2, in that they start their first Payline with their third sale onward (3, 4, 5, etc.).
* DO NOT send $35 to anyone for Package #2 until you have submitted your Purchase Request, and our Tracking Software tells you who your Package Sponsor is. Only our Tracking Software can tell you who your Package Sponsor is going to be, and who you need to send your $35 payment to.
Thanks to the doubling effect of Paylines infinity deep at Package Level #2, our members are able to generate substantial amounts of cash in a relatively short amount of time, and thanks to our Tracking Software you do not have worry about a thing because every time a purchase request is submitted everyone involved in that sale receives an email with instructions on what they need to do if anything, and all your Referrals, Paylines are displayed in your Payliner's Room!
How and When You Get Paid!
After you have upgraded to a DigiSoft Payliner, and enter the Payliner's Room for the first time you will be prompted to submit your Preferred Payment Options. This is where you will enter your payment details for Pay Pal, Payza, and SolidTrust Pay.
When someone has to pay you for a Product Package, they will see your Preferred Payment Options as soon as they submit their purchase request, and they would send their Package Payment directly to youusing one of the Payment Options you submitted. After you have received a Package Payment, you would login to your DigiSoft Payliner's Room, and go to the Confirm Payment Page where you will click a Smiley Face button next to that person's name, then follow the prompts to confirm their payment.
PLEASE NOTE - You are not permitted to tell someone to pay you for a Product Package before they have submitted their purchase request. Our Tracking Software cannot track sales that have not been entered into the system, and only our Tracking Software can tell someone who and when they have to pay.
If your account slips into Inactive Status, all new sales from your Paylines will Roll UP to the next Active Qualified Payliner at each Package Level. Inactive Status happens when a DigiSoft Payliner does not pay their $7 monthly Admin/Payliner Fee on time.

===>  http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?rick2323

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*** GVO Sign Up/Set Up Tutorial (AutoResponder) *** {323)

I thought I would put together a set-up tutorial for your
GVO Autoresponder, in case you should want to use it. 

Their is a video tutorial at your
    convenience in the back office area...Just login to the
back office area, and click on system set-up, and
watch all the videos on the left side of the page...
Otherwise here are your steps...

{GVO Create Account}:

1) Click GVO at the bottom of the page

2) Create Account- Name, E-mail, Password

3) Payment Page- $1 for 7 days, $9.97 Monthly

4) Go back & Type In GVO Username, Click Save

{AutoResponder Set-Up}:

1) Go to www.gogvo.com- Login

2) Scroll Down & Click AutoResponder On Left Side Of Page

3) Go Back To your company back office (AutoResponder Set-Up, Get E-Responder Code & (Copy)

4) Go Back To GVO & Paste Code Into Get Campaign (Top Box) & Click Get Campaign

5) Campaign Name- (Whatever your business is)

6) E-mail Settings- (Your Name) (From Not E-mail)-(Your E-mail Address) (Company Settings Aren't Necessary) *You Can Leave That Section Blank

7) Next You Want To Click Forms @ The Top Of The Page (Here To Create New Form

8) Form Name- Example:  {DigiSoft Payline} 

9) Thank You Page- Custom, Unclick Double Opt-In & Full Name

10) Click Business Center (DSP), My Lead Manager, & Copy Landing Page

11) Paste Landing Page In Thank You, & Already Subscribed Landing Page (Domain)

12) Click Global Fields On GVO, Which Is In Campaign Tab

13) Global 1 - Your Phone #

14) Global 2- Your URL, Click UpDate

15) Forms, Then Click HTML On Right Side (Icon)

16) Copy Code

17) Click Submit, & You're All Finished!

P.S. If you have problems, Remember, the same video tutorial is in your back office area...
This Tool is needed because of the multiple streams of income integrated with many programs...

    I don't use GVO anymore, but have in the past, and it's one of the better Autoresponders
    on the net, and very comparable in price!

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Saturday, August 3, 2019

*** What To Look For Before Starting A Home Business Part 2 (See Post #190) *** {322}

Here are a few things to look for before stating any business:

1) IS it legit? do your research...google, to find out such things as:
How long have they been in business?

2) Have they had a lot of complaints? a few is fine (All opportunities have a few complaints)

3) Find out who the creator of the site is, and back ground check him/her?

4) Try to find out how many members they have?

5) Look at the capture page/s?  is it generic looking?

6) Checkout the product/service? is it saturated all over the internet?

7) Do they offer a Residual Income/Multiple Streams of income?
( If they don't offer these, it's not necessarily bad)

8) Do they have a refund policy implemented?
( again, not necessarily bad if they don't...just know if they do or not)

9) Is there contact info for admin? Don't be shy if you have questions...call
them and ask? (If they are legit, they will answer your questions)

10) Can you navigate freely around the site/back office area? if you're having a lot
of problems finding things in your back office area, chances are your "NEW" prospects will also? 

11) Are there several FEE's involved along the way? This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you'll want to know from the get go what to expect, and make sure to pass this along to your potential customers?

12) Do they have a good marketing strategy implemented in order to advertise?
If they don't offer any marketing strategy/s, you will have to either use my blog
(===> http://www.rbrier2323.blogspot.com) or upgrade under me @ {DSP} in order to get more training in the back office area...(Intelliprotrac tool available in the training area. everyone has access to their own!) 

(===> http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?rick2323) - Create a FREE account, and upgrade here!

13) Is it inexpensive? If you have problems recruiting, it's no easier to pay for a high ticket item?

14) This one's a killer? are you able to contact your sponsor? more than likely
you will never hear from him/her once signed up, so be prepared to learn while
you earn? (refer to 1 of the sites listed above for training) - Must be a paid member with {DSP}

15) What kind of compensation plan do they have? do you get paid, daily,
weekly, monthly? and how do you get paid? There are several payment processors, but I like Paypal myself.

===>  Always have a game plan, and Advertise, Advertise, Advertise!!!
When starting out, post as many FREE ads as humanly possible, and slowly 
get yourself some cheap advertising, until you start making a considerable amount of $$$, and then up your spending as you make more... (1 on 1 Prospecting is the best way, but time consuming because you have to 
build a rapport before you can send your offers) - Don't get discouraged when you're turned down, because 
it's going to happen regularly! 

* Now only you can determine, whether or not a business is meant for you,
once you've completed your research,and as I've stated many times, Every business will have something that you don't like..

===> If you would like to discuss further please don't hesitate to contact me!!! (Let's Talk!)

===> Note: If you upgrade under me, you will have daily training. (Any legit opportunity will take years 
          to build....There are no short cuts, so whatever Biz Opp you join, plan on staying for no less than 6 months
          in order to see if it will be a good fit for you!) So please do your research, because I hate seeing people
          taken advantage of! We've all been NEWBIES at one time, and have been through the very same things!

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Friday, August 2, 2019

*** Writing Articles, Getting A 1st Page Ranking On Google, Yahoo, & Bing*** {321}

Writing Articles:

In this tutorial I'm going to be talking to you about how

to market correctly online...This is not easy, and not

for everyone either...If you choose my methods of

advertising, plan on taking at least 6 months to get

the results you're looking for...The goal is to get 1st

page rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing...If you

can accomplish this, you will have a million dollar

business.... (Free Leads) - This is a numbers game folks!

(Getting 1st page rankings on: Google, Yahoo, & Bing)
For those of you that don't know, The internet is based around
search engines, and I'm going to help you get 1st page rankings
so that you can have a million dollar business. The methods that
I'm going to explain are not difficult, but time consuming. You first
need to get your marketing campaign started by going to google
and typing in "KEYWORD TOOL" In the search bar. Then get some
paper and a pencil, and start getting some keywords for your campaign.
You can type in keywords, or phrases that you like for your business.
(EXAMPLE: work from home)
Now this is just an example. After typing in your keywords/phrases, you will
see the number of people that use that particular keyword. You will want to
use around 5 words/phrases, but make sure you don't use the ones that have the
highest number of uses, Nor do you want to use the ones with the least amount
of uses either. When you are playing around with this feature, you will see what i mean.
Take 20-30 minutes to see what words suit you best for your opportunity.
After you have chosen your keywords/phrases, it's time to start putting them to use.
If you choose to market Online you will always want to use your keywords in EVERYTHING that you do online. Such as if you decide to write an article, make sure to use those keywords.
Your keyword "DENSITY should be between 3%-7%. What that means is If you're using the keyword/phrase "work from home", you want to make sure to place it throughout your articles.
3%-7% of the words within the article should include "work from home". Also when writing articles, you can go to ezine articles and choose any article you want to make your very own. Now if you decide to use other articles, make sure you spin them. What i mean by this is when you find an article that you like, copy and paste it to your notebook or notepad, Then break it down by sections. Take each section and change the wording to suit you. It doesn't matter if you're writing articles, creating blogs, making videos.
whatever methods you choose to do, always make sure to use your keywords/phrases, and spin the article if it's not original content. The reason why you want to do this is because search engines Algorhythms(robots), will know if it's not original content and you've done everything for nothing, because they won't recognize your content.
When the algorhythms start to gather information, and see that you've used your keywords/phrase throughout your marketing campaign you will be credited with everything that you've created. and if done correctly this is how you can make first page rankings. If you're able to do this, Imagine how much FREE traffic you will get to your website.
Remember that if you can do this successfully, you will still need to post something weekly just to keep your rankings. It doesn't have to be much, and also make sure to cross reference everything towards your blog., Articles, videos, etc.... These techniques are not hard to do, but you need to be consistent if you choose to market online.
If you can take just half an hour per day and do something, you will eventually get those high rankings and be able to keep them. Some of the people I know have implemented these strategies and have 1st page rankings on google and are making millions of dollars with their business. remember, this is FREE traffic. It may have taken them 6 months to get there, but it's well worth the effort. And as they've always told me, These techniques will never change and work every time, because everything you do is based around search engines.
As for me, I choose to do very little online marketing because of the high volume of others, also trying to make that 1 sale. I do a lot of Prospecting! (1 on 1 ).
You're competing with millions of people when you try to market online, and most opportunities don't tell you the proper ways to market, and that's not your fault... You've just been taught wrong. Do you know that right now 98.2% of all marketers are failing online, meaning that they are spending more than they're making. That's pretty sad!


* The Home Business Industry Generates Approximately $427 Billion Dollars A Year!

* 98.2% Fail To Make Money Online!

* There Are Approximately 125,000 New Home Businesses Started Weekly!

* Every 11 Seconds Someone Starts A Home Based Business!

* There Are Over 20,000 Millionaires Through Internet Marketing!

* There are 75,000 New Internet Users Daily!

* For every 100 People That View Your Opportunities, It Is Said

That You Are Doing Good If You Have At Least A 3% Conversion Rate!

(As you can see, The People are out there, you just need to get your products/services

in front of the masses In Order To Be Successful....Consistency Is The Key!!!

         {Top 5 Article Submission Sites}:

5) www.articlebase.com


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