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Sunday, November 9, 2014

E-mail Ad #5 for your prospects*** {93}

{Risk? What Risk?} - Title


The verdict is in -- [company] is
the best and most effective biz opp so far...

Many happy people have already started seeing
the money roll in...but I'll let them tell you:

[TESTIMONIAL #1 {made 4 sales
her first week mailing out 500

-- April from California

[company] was created with you in mind...

This is the business I wish I had back when
I was starting out...it would have saved me
a TON of money, time, energy, and heartbreak...

You can avoid the mistakes I made...this system
works fast and easy, now that we've taken all the
detours and roadblocks out for you...

And I'm keeping [company] affordable...
if you get it today, you will pay $[$$$]...that's
cheaper than most opportunities start-up cost...

==> [www.your info here]

Because I know when you're just starting out,
you can't afford the high-priced complicated
programs the "gurus" are pushing on you...

Many people are making back the purchase price
on the first day...

[ANOTHER TESTIMONIAL {made 2 sales his first
week mailing out 250 postcards}

-- Joe from New York
****************************** **

The problem is that when most people try
to get their first online business going,
they think too much...

You can think, and agonize, and deliberate,
and ponder, and contemplate until the
cows come home...

But sitting around thinking won't make
you a single penny online...

The key is taking action!

And action is what over 95% of people
don't do...so with a single click of
your mouse, you can immediately jump
to the upper 5% of Internet Marketers...

==> [www.your info here]

Remember, we've used all these strategies
ourselves in real-life situations, and
we know they work...

As a matter of fact, we'll guarantee
that it works...just try out
[company] for up to [90] days,
and if you don't make money, I'll
give you your money back...

So there's zero risk to you in all this...

And absolutely no reason not to take action...

And I mean right NOW:

==> [www.your info here]

To your success!


==> [www.your info here]

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