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Sunday, November 9, 2014

***E-mail Ad #12 for your prospects {100}

{firstname}, You Have To Set Goals...- Title

Hi {firstname},

When I first started this business, I told myself that I wanted
to get at least ??? people to join my [company] team.
The reason for this is because I wanted something to work
towards. Once I'm able to achieve my goal of [???] people,
I will be making [$$$] upfront, and [$$$] per month
based on the [$$$] a month subscription that each member
is required to pay. I know I've used this example before,
But if you can get just [?] person/s per month, for a year, and
the process repeats itself, you will be making [???] per month
in residual income. Do you think that would change your life
just a little bit....I do!!!

I don't know about you, but this is a very powerful system when you
think about most businesses/programs don't offer any kind of residual
income plan. Even if you get a few members in your downline that aren't
working hard to promote, you will still receive their [$$$] per month
subscription, As long as they are a paying member of [company].

[company] is growing on a daily basis because the system is simple
to duplicate. All you have to do is plug-in, and get started. If you will
just put a little effort into your [company] business, I promise you
will not be disappointed. Just follow our "3 step system". Remember,
you're not alone, we provide help and support in order for you to be
successful. If you're not successful, then we won't be successful.

[http://www.your link here]

===>> [Name Here]

*Feel Free to Tweak these any way you see fit!


"The best advertising you can have is a LOYAL customer spreading the word about how incredible your business is." - Shep Hyken

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***E-mail Ad #11 for your prospects*** {99}

{firstname}, Let's Be Friends...- Title

Hi {firstname},

Home business is about relationships
with the people you are in business with.

When you join with someone in business,
You want to know upfront your sponsor will
be there for you.

Nothing is more important to me!

How many times have you tried to reach your
sponsor for some help, Only to find they make
you feel like you're bothering them?

It's the worst feeling. You're stuck and you just
need a little help, Or to get a question answered.

I have no respect for someone that goes MIA
after you join them.

In fact, the thing I enjoy most, is helping people.
It's much more satisfying when someone says
thanks, than when they pay me!

So how about taking a serious look at [company],
And lets get you on your way to financial freedom!!!

[http://www.your info here]



"If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later." - Richard Branson

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***E-mail Ad #10 for your prospects*** {98}

{firstname}, Here's your Path To Online Success... - Title


If you've been looking for a way to
make good money working at home, being
your own boss, and setting your own hours...

Then your search is over!

Introducing [company], the
groundbreaking way to explode your
online business into skyrocketing profits...

==> [www.your info here]

You don't need any experience...

You don't need to know any programming
or HTML...

You don't even need your own product!

[company] gives you step-by-step
instructions to get you started making
money online quickly, even if you're
completely new to the game...

==> [www.your info here]

I know from personal experience how frustrating
it can be when you're first getting started...

There's information overload, and much of the
information is conflicting...

Each and every "guru" is trying to tell you that
their high-priced product is the only way you'll
ever make it as an online marketer...

Just take a deep breath, ...

[company] is totally geared to show
you how to do the entire process, from
start to finish...

We're here to help you at any time if you
have questions or run into problems...

Still Not Convinced? OK, Here's What I'll Do:
============================== ===============

Try out [company] for [?] days, and if
it's not everything you thought it would be...

Then I'll give you your money back!

So there's absolutely no risk on your part...
Just give it a fair try, that's all I ask...

I'm so confident that you can make money quickly
with [company] that I can offer this

So what are you waiting for? Your online profits
are waiting for you!

==> [www. your info here]

To your success!


==> [www.your info here]


"People don't buy what you do...they buy WHY you do it." - Simon Sinek

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***Email Ad #9 for your prospects*** {97}

{firstname}, Tired of Slap-Happy Search Engines? - Title


There's a certain very, very large
online search engine...

I don't want to name names, but
it starts with a "G"...
(and ends with an "oogle")...

You may have heard of them :)

They do some very, very good things...

But other times they can be a real
pain in the you-know-what when you're
trying to run an online business...

They're always slapping here and
slapping there...

(Here a slap...there a slap...
everywhere a slap-slap...)

Wouldn't it be nice to find a way
to outsmart the big search engines
so you could make money online
the way you want to?

Well, guess what...there is a way...

==> www.your info here

Isn't your face getting a bit
red and sore from being slapped so much?

If I were you, I sure wouldn't put up with it...

I would be mad as hell and looking for
a way to give back what I was getting...

Now, you can't really "slap" Google,
they're much too big for that...

BUT it is possible to sneak around, under,
and beneath its radar...

If you know how to do it...

==> www.your info here

You've probably heard a lot lately about
so-called "black hat" techniques...

You won't find anything illegal in
[company]...just a few things
that Google may be a little touchy about...

But if you're like me, you're thinking
that Google has enough money now, and
sometimes they get a little too big and
full of themselves for their own good...

And you can make a LOT of money just by
using these strategies...and the G-word
won't even notice what they're missing...

So if you're really serious about getting what
you want online, then you can't just sit
around and limply take whatever Google decides
to hand to you...

You've got to want it badly enough to go for it
by (almost) any means possible...

==> www.your info here

What are you waiting for? Go get your share...

To your success!


==> www.your info here


"People don't care about your business. They care about their problems. Be the solution that they're looking for." - Melonie Dodard

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***E-mail Ad #8 for your prospects*** {96}

{firstname}, Rev Up Your Money Machine Starting Today... - Title


Everything you want in life is within
your grasp...it's all in how you think
about it...

If you want to make money online, be your
own boss, set your own hours, and be in
charge of your own life and destiny...

You can do it!

So , why haven't you already?
============================== ===========

It's OK, it's not your fault...

So many so-called online "gurus" and
other self-appointed "experts" have
tried to cram their get-rich-quick
products down your throat...

It's not surprising that you've become
a bit gun-shy at this point...

That's too bad, because it really is
possible to make all your dreams come
true online...

Whether you want to have more time to
spend with your kids, play golf, read,
or take a vacation to
that favorite dream spot...

Or just want to have more free time, or
a little extra money each month to pay
off those credit card bills...

It's very real, and it's within your reach...

==> www.your info here

The Number One thing that holds back
the 98% of the online marketers that
don't make it?

They don't TAKE ACTION...

All You Have to Do...
Is DO Something!

That's where it all starts, and
everything else follows from that...

Over 95% of the people who say they
want to be online marketers never do
anything about it...

So ALL you have to do to be in the top
5% or higher, is to actually take action...

It's so simple, it's ridiculous...

All you have to do is visit the link below:

==> www.your info here

But you have to do it now, while you're thinking
about it, or you'll just slip back into the
ranks of the slumbering herd who aren't
going anywhere...

So just do it:

==> www.your info here

To your success!

==> www.your info here


“There is a day you get into network marketing, but nothing happens until the day network marketing gets into you.” - Jan Ruhe

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***E-mail Ad #7 for your prospects*** {95}

{If I only had a brain...} - Title

Hi {firstname},

You've seen "The Wizard of Oz,"
One of the greatest movies of all time...

The big theme was that the main characters
all thought that they didn't have what it takes
to get what they wanted in life...

The Scarecrow thought he needed a brain...

The Tin Man thought he didn't have a heart...

The Cowardly Lion was a scaredy-cat...

Dorothy felt lost and wanted to go home...

And it turned out that they all already
had everything they needed...

But they were looking around outside of themselves,
while they should have been looking inside...

==> [www.your info here]

That's usually the problem...we know a lot more
than we think we know, but sometimes we just
need a little nudging from a "wizard" to
remember it...

Pay No Attention to the
Man Behind the Curtain!

Don't listen to the so-called "gurus"
that try to get you to spend hundreds,
or even thousands of dollars that you
can't spare to find out the
supposed "secrets" that you must have...

They're just throwing levers and flicking
switches, dazzling and hypnotizing you with
a fantastic floor show that's all smoke and mirrors...

Just like the Wizard of Oz...

But you already have everything you need
to succeed online...inside of you...

==> [www.your info here]

[company] allows you to
[achieve financial freedom]...

With [company], you have your
own personal Wizard...

and you don't even need a twister, a
falling house, or a Wicked Witch...

To your success!



“I focused on getting a lot of people to do a little bit. The key to real success in network marketing is to get a lot of people to do a little bit.” - Mark & Renee Yarnell

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***E-mail Ad #6 for your prospects*** {94}

{Ready To Say Goodbye To Your Job?} - Title


Are you ready to take back control
of your finances, your time, and your life?

Just imagine being able to get up
in the morning actually looking forward
to your day...

Even if it's Monday!

You get up when you feel like it...
Have a leisurely breakfast...take a walk,
play with your kids, read for a while...

Or maybe take a little trip out of town
for a few days, to one of your favorite
relaxation spots...

It's all up to you...when you are your own boss!

==> [www.your info here]

Life is too short to spend sitting confined
in a gray cubicle, watching time slip by
while resisting the urge to strangle your idiot boss...

And don't forget those daily hours wasted
in that soul-sucking, polluted commute both ways...

It's just amazing that with all the modern
technology we have, most people are still
living in such a primitive fashion...

You can live your life on your own terms...

And make good money while doing so...

Thousands of lucky people are already doing it,
with [company]...

It ain't rocket science...but if you're not
used to doing it this way, you might need
a little help in the beginning...

And that's what [company] is here for:

==> [www.your info here]

Give it a try, ...you don't need any
experience, and it's quite simple...

Once you have the keys in your hand...

Try it out for [?] days...if you're not
completely satisfied, just let me know
and I'll refund all your money...

No questions asked!

So take your first steps to financial
independence...you can get started in
minutes, even if it's 3AM...

Just go to the link and you're on your way:

==> [www.your info here]

To your success!


==> [www.your info here]


"In Network Marketing you will think the reward is money, but the freedom will far outweigh the money and in the end it will be all about the lives you change." - Paula Pritchard

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E-mail Ad #5 for your prospects*** {93}

{Risk? What Risk?} - Title


The verdict is in -- [company] is
the best and most effective biz opp so far...

Many happy people have already started seeing
the money roll in...but I'll let them tell you:

[TESTIMONIAL #1 {made 4 sales
her first week mailing out 500

-- April from California

[company] was created with you in mind...

This is the business I wish I had back when
I was starting out...it would have saved me
a TON of money, time, energy, and heartbreak...

You can avoid the mistakes I made...this system
works fast and easy, now that we've taken all the
detours and roadblocks out for you...

And I'm keeping [company] affordable...
if you get it today, you will pay $[$$$]...that's
cheaper than most opportunities start-up cost...

==> [www.your info here]

Because I know when you're just starting out,
you can't afford the high-priced complicated
programs the "gurus" are pushing on you...

Many people are making back the purchase price
on the first day...

[ANOTHER TESTIMONIAL {made 2 sales his first
week mailing out 250 postcards}

-- Joe from New York
****************************** **

The problem is that when most people try
to get their first online business going,
they think too much...

You can think, and agonize, and deliberate,
and ponder, and contemplate until the
cows come home...

But sitting around thinking won't make
you a single penny online...

The key is taking action!

And action is what over 95% of people
don't do...so with a single click of
your mouse, you can immediately jump
to the upper 5% of Internet Marketers...

==> [www.your info here]

Remember, we've used all these strategies
ourselves in real-life situations, and
we know they work...

As a matter of fact, we'll guarantee
that it works...just try out
[company] for up to [90] days,
and if you don't make money, I'll
give you your money back...

So there's zero risk to you in all this...

And absolutely no reason not to take action...

And I mean right NOW:

==> [www.your info here]

To your success!


==> [www.your info here]


“If you understood residual income you’d walk through a brick wall to get it.” - Art Jonak

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***E-mail Ad #4 for your prospects*** {92}

{Frankly (firstname), You Puzzle Me.} - Title


I've been telling you all about [company]
and how it can get you started on the road
to independence and online profits...

I also told you about the money back guarantee
that takes away all the risk for you...just try
[company] and if you don't make money after
[90] days you get your money back...

Yet you haven't taken action yet...

Tell me, , what else do I have to do?

Are you serious about making money online, or
was I mistaken?

==> [www.your info here]

You know that the one thing that stops over 95%
of all the people who say they want to make
money online?

They don't take action...they sit around and
think, and dream, and fantasize about what life
will be like when they've struck it rich...

And all those dreams can become reality, as they
have for thousands of people already...

But you have to snap out of your dream state
and DO something here in the real world...

Once you take action, everything else
starts moving for you...

==> [www.your info here]

I hope I'm not being too harsh here...
I just assumed that you don't want to be
part of the 95% that are all talk and no walk...

[company] is simple and easy to use, and
I know it works because I've used all the
strategies myself to make money online...

And I guarantee it!

So become one of the elite top 5%, and
your dreams will be within your reach...

It's your call...

==> [www.your info here]

To your success!


==> [www.your info here]


“I’m not a big shot, I’m just a little shot that keeps on shooting." - Dale Maloney

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***E-mail Ad #3 for your prospects*** {91}

{Time Is Running Out} - Title


If you haven't taken advantage of the
[company] Special Offer yet...

You're in luck -- there's still time...

But not much time.

The price will be going up
very soon...but if you act quickly
(like right now), you can still get
it for only $[$$$]...

==> [www.your info here]

See, my business partners are really mad...
They don't see the point of selling
[company] for such a ridiculously
low price...

I've been arguing about this with them
ever since we launched [company],
and I don't know how much longer I
can hold them off...

They're going to force me to move to the
higher price very soon...there may only be
[a few days] left at the old price, and that's it...

[company] is the best value you'll
find...hundreds of people are already
using these proven strategies, and
seeing money coming in...

==> [www.your info here]

I'm just telling you this because
I want you to get the best deal possible
on this...

I know from experience that sometimes we
need a little kick in the behind to get
things moving...I want to make this as
easy for you as possible...

So go to the link right now,
before it's too late:

==> [www.your info here]

To your success!


==> [www.your info here]

P.S. half off for a product of this quality,
along with our [90]-day moneyback guarantee...

If you're at all serious about this business,
stop reading emails and get started:

==> [www.your info here]


"The most significant thing I have learned is there is always another way to look at things. And by opening up my mind to the idea that my perspective may be holding me back and that a fresh perspective could be exactly what I need to grow, I have been able to create a whole new world of opportunity for myself and for others. “Better than Beach Money” - Jordan Adler

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***Email Ad #2 for your prospects*** {90}

{Chinese or Greek???} - Title


When you're trying to talk
to the people in your life
who are close to you...

does it seem like you're
speaking Chinese and they're
speaking Greek?

I got tired of the stress
and constantly butting heads...

Now my relationships are easy,
fun, and couldn't be
running more smoothly...

==> [www.your info here]

It's just that no one
can know what's inside
your head -- except you...

Sometimes it's very, very
hard to communicate what's
important to you...

But I learned how to
master myself.
You can, too...

==> [www.your info here]

[company] gives you proven
strategies that will show you how
to get along easily with the people
in your life...

And how to make all of your
relationships (both personal and
business) happy and productive...

[Your Name]

==> [www.Your info here]

P.S. When something unexpected
happens, do you feel out of
control and in chaos?

There's a quick and easy way
you can be rid of that anxiety

==> [www. your info here]


“Win with your heart, not your head – win on emotion, not in logic; have a passion about what you do; nobody wants a boss , everybody wants a coach.” - Art Williams

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***E-mail Ad #1 for your prospects*** {89}

{Take This Insanity Test.} - Title


Have you heard the definition of insanity?
It's doing things the same way
over and over and
over and over...

and expecting different results...

It's not your fault that
you get stuck in the
same old ruts...

sometimes all you need is
a fresh perspective to
turn everything around...

==> [www.your info here]

[company] gives you a new twist
instead of the same tired old methods...

That's why so many people are getting
the best results they've ever gotten...

These people are definitely sane...
They realized that their old ways of
doing business were no longer working...

And so they took action and changed
course...and now they're reaping
the benefits...and the increased profits...

So...are you insane?

==> [www.your info here]

To your success!

[Your Name]

==> [www.your info here]

P.S. To overcome your insanity,
you don't have to go through a grueling program...

you don't have to lose a bunch of weight,
change your diet or abandon your family...

You just have to change your mind...

==> [www.your info here]


“Take action every day. It doesn't have to be dramatic action, but every day, stick with it. Spend time on things that make you proud, that stretch and strengthen you.” - Phillip Humbert

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***Marketing Tool*** (Link Shortner) {88}


Go Here to shorten all of your links...
Just type your link/s in the search
tab @ the top of the page, and then
click the button, and your links will
become shorter for you in order to
advertise your opportunities...

>>> http://DigiSoftPayline.com/230k.php?rick2323


"Don't let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks you're crazy. Succeed, and he thinks you're lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you're greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesn't understand." -  Robert G. Allen

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***5 Success Tips For Your Small Business (Dan Kennedy)*** {87}

Success Tips

1. Leaders innovate, they don't duplicate.  Every successful rep I know builds their business differently from their successful upline mentor AND their downline leaders build their businesses differently from them.  Focus on what works for you.  You want to duplicate a result, not how you get that result.  Use your own natural talents and abilities to your advantage. 

2. Build up your database.  Keep track of EVERYONE you EVER talk to about your products or business opportunity.  Keep it all in a notebook.  If you talked to just 3 people a day for five years, you would have more than 5,000 names in your database.  If you simply stayed in touch with these folks from time to time, you would never have to prospect again.

3. If you decide to use the internet to grow your business, like I do, please don't think you can just sit behind your computer and sign people up without doing anything.  Use the internet to meet people, but realize you still must connect with them on a personal level, if you expect them to join your team. My key to success is to meet people online, but take that relationship offline as quickly as possible. Get your prospect on the phone, SKYPE, Facetime, or face to face as quickly as possible. 

4. Network Marketer Dan Kennedy is a master at direct response marketing. Watch a few of his YouTube videos.  He is the guy who  has taught a lot of people how to be a lead generation machine and top marketer.  If he can help you even 10% as much as he's
helped others, then it will be well worth it for you to check him out.

5. If you stink at personal recruiting, focus on helping your team members recruit from their warm market.  Drive depth.  Build taproot legs.  Always work with the newest most excited distributor at the deepest level in your organization.  I once heard that a master network marketer could recruit just two people and turn that into a team of millions.  They do this by helping each person on their team sign up one person, and repeating this process over and over in depth until they find a leader. 

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***Best Motivational Video - Never Give Up!*** {86}

“Every single successful entrepreneur I know has studied and accumulated information on their industry that is the equivalent of a Master`s or PHD”. - Mike Dillard
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***Postcard Marketing: Top 5 Goals of Direct Mail Postcards*** {85}

***Here’s why I like postcard marketing campaigns: Short, crisp, and to the point, direct mail postcards are one of the fastest and lowest cost ways to make your phone ring.

***Postcards are not necessarily a good marketing campaign for the straight-up, out-and-out closing of a sale, but if created correctly, direct mail postcards can be great for pre-selling products and services, building brand awareness, and creating customer loyalty. And, of course, I saved the best for last: Postcards are the most efficient and excellent direct mail advertising vehicles for generating phone calls.

***A postcard direct mail campaign can make your phone ring off the hook with compelling headlines, smooth transitions, charming copy writing, lively graphics, an irresistible offer, and a solid call to action. Even further: A series of direct mail post cards can receive an explosive response, build customer loyalty, and stimulate brand awareness. Yet, postcards remain one the easiest to manage direct mail marketing campaigns.

***Even though postcards aren’t the best for closing sales because of their short format and open architecture (no one can enclose a check to pay for an order or write a credit card number), response can still be quite high. Here are several important goals of using postcards in any direct mail marketing campaign.

***1. Generate phone calls...
The number one objective of most postcard marketing campaigns is to generate a phone call. Ninety percent of the postcards I create for clients are written to fulfill this single objective: Make the phone ring.

***The way to make the phone ring is very straightforward in this short postcard format: Offer something for FREE and ask for the phone call several times on the card. “Call for FREE information!” or “Call for FREE review!... Call for free analysis. Call for our FREE booklet.... Call for FREE quote.... Call for…” well, you get the idea. Ask readers to call you enough and they will. Every time a reader calls, you have the opportunity to provide better service and increase client loyalty and longevity... And, oh, yeah…did I mention increase sales and revenue?... Yeah, you can do that, too... Did you notice I said YOU do that? Your postcard doesn’t do that, YOU do that... The postcard generates the call, but YOU make the sale.

***2. Build brand awareness...
The other 10 percent of the postcards created build brand... By mailing postcards frequently, you can stay in the top of your client’s and prospect’s minds... So, when your clients need anything that relates to your business—whatever you’re selling—they immediately think of you, and call you first.

***3. Create instant success...
Postcards can generate immediate response if your offer touches a timely trigger point... Figure out what your prospect’s immediate need is and address that in your card... Then, ask for the call—what else?

***4. Build relationships...
Sure, you can—it’s easy! But, not with a single postcard... You need to create this direct mail marketing campaign over time, with a series of postcards... Mailing postcards every two weeks is ideal... Even if you did this for an entire year, the total cost would be only ($.50 x 26 =) $13 dollars for the whole year... The key to success?... Your list, relevancy, and your offer.

***5. Don’t sell your product...
The final objective is to realize that you don’t need to sell your product from the post card... That’s right—don’t sell your product—but, you do generate phone calls and inquiries... Then, when the person calls, YOU sell your product or service... Now, you see how it’s much easier to achieve your goal (generating a phone call) with your direct mail postcard, than getting an order:... To actually make someone put money into an envelope and wave goodbye to it...

And, since postcards are easy to handle, postcards are so much less work than other direct mail marketing campaigns which consist of letters, brochures, or anything that needs to be placed in an envelope—folded or stapled... So, much less fuss and muss—just address and mail... Postcards are easy... These are the “goals” and objectives of your postcard marketing campaign.

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