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Friday, September 20, 2019

*** My Team Isn't Doing Anything *** {332}

My Team Isn't Doing Anything...

First off, you need to know the numbers so you can have realistic expectations about your business. I can only speak from my personal experience, To be honest MOST of your team will do nothing at all.
At least 80 to 90 percent of your team will not even sign up ONE person or find one customer, regardless of what you do to help them.That is a fact.

Most of your team will NOT sign up for auto-ship or stay in the business more than 30 to 90-days. That is a fact.

By the numbers, you will need to recruit at least forty people personally to find ONE fairly serious PART-TIMER and at least 100 people personally to find one ALL IN person. (These are rough averages)

So, if you've only recruited 10-20 people and no one is doing anything, you need to go find some more people. Remember, you can't turn a donkey into a unicorn, so quit trying. (It's not your fault). Work with the ones that are coachable, and are willing to learn. Still train the others, but don't let that distract you from helping the "GO-GETTER'S!"

Most top earners have personally sponsored at least 100 people and normally closer to 500, yet they make 90% of their income from just THREE or fewer people. That is a fact. Now a days, the good companies are built around leverage and doesn't require thousands, or even hundreds of people to build your business.

You could sponsor 150 people in three years by sponsoring just one new rep per week. I believe that anyone could sponsor one new rep per week if they talk with five new prospects per day. The only question is "will you do it?". I actually show you exactly what I do to sponsor at least 1 prospect to my business weekly/bi-weekly!

I've also found that you can expect to lose 50 to 75 percent of your team each year, regardless of what you do to help them.This is a business of ATTRITION. That is a fact. My personal experience, I've had a few of my Downline members bounce back and forth, opting in and out every other month,m and I tell them that they can never be successful doing it that way. I still work with them, but don't spend a lot of time with them, because I know they are just going to opt back out again after a couple months!

Never expect ANYONE on your team to do more than you do. Never expect anyone to outwork you. If you aren't a superstar, don't expect your team members to be superstars. If you aren't your leader, don't expect to recruit leaders. You really should implement a game plan, and stick to that!

You must lead from the front and set the example you want others to follow. Even when you do that, most people will not follow your lead. (I try to make things as simple as possible, So everyone can grasp the concept, and will be able to pass down the knowledge to their team!

Fortunately, you only need TWO to FIVE serious people who want to build it big, to build a big team. Work with the willing, drive depth, and keep recruiting until you find those two to five people. With persistence you will be able to find those people!

And if your team isn't doing much the best thing you can do is go out and get a new team! Always be prospecting. With the strategies that I've implemented I usually prospect (Talking to others), anywhere from 20-50 people everyday... By doing this, you can't fail! Just understand, that it will take typically anywhere from 2-5 years of consistency before you will start to build a profitable online business! Trust me, it will be well worth the effort!


You can say “no”

Not everyone is skilled as a salesperson and social media expert, nor do they desire to be. Don’t be pressured to join a business that you aren’t skilled in or don’t want to participate in.

There is nothing illegal about most multi-level marketing companies, but they are not a good fit for everyone. Pray and ask God for wisdom before you launch into a new opportunity. James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

*** How To "Upgrade To A DigiSoft Payliner/ & what i do for you!" *** {331}


{DigiSoft Payline} - Founded on Oct.15 2014 (CEO/ADMIN - Ron Walsh) - Canada


This is a member to member personal payment program, meaning that when you purchase
one or both "PACKAGES" you automatically make direct payments to your  "SPONSOR."
This is called the "REVERSE 1 & 2 UP INFINITY PAY PLAN." Because of the way our Payplan is structured THIS IS NOT MLM!

***The 6 minute how it works movie explains our compensation plan and how you are paid***
VERY IMPORTANT... MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO! Click the link just below, and create your free tour takers account first and then you will be taken  inside the system where you will then have access to the How it works movie! 

*** All you have to do is invite people to watch the "How It Works Movie" - No selling on your part!
I teach many different strategies to do just that. Join me, and I will prove it to you!!!


* Click the link below, and you will hear a 45 second intro, and then Ron Walsh will actually show
you how our compensation plan works, and how you are compensated 100% commissions daily

* Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the yellow
tab and register for your FREE "Tour Takers" Account.
(Name, Country, Phone Number, E-mail, Username, Password)

* You will then be taken inside the system where you will click 
the tab/box that says "How it Works Movie" (6:45 seconds in length)

* (Optional) - After watching the movie, you can click the yellow #2
tab, and check out our 296 Downloadable Software Products. they are
all yours for a 1 time fee of $50, and most of them will help you build
your DigiSoft or any other online business opportunity that you choose.

* (Optional) - The next step is to get your questions answered, and you
can either click the blue "FAQs" tab @ the top of the page, where you
will see (56) Q&A section, that will answer all of your questions, or you
can always contact me, or the last option, is to click the blue tab that says
"Contact Us" which you can fill out a form that will go to our CEO/ADMIN
Ron Walsh, where he can also answer any of your questions. Ron created
DigiSoft Payline, and has been a Network Marketer for over 25 years, and
since 2006 in the industry, thinks he's the best at what he does.

* Last step is to "Upgrade to a Payliner", and you can either click the yellow
#3 tab, or click the blue "Upgrade to a Payliner" tab on the top far right side
of the page. *(If you have problems upgrading, contact me and I will send you
step by step instructions on how to do that)

{PAYMENT OPTIONS}:  - Total: $22 1 time fee, or go all in for a 1 time fee of $57

=> Admin Fee - $7 monthly - Ron Walsh (Solid Trust Pay or Western Union)
=> Package #1 - 1 time fee of $15 - Me (Mandatory) - PayPal or any of the listed below services
=> Package #2 - 1 time fee of $35 - Me (Optional) PayPal or any of the listed below services

*Solid Trust Pay/PayPal/Western Union/Money Gram 
{STP/PayPal} are both FREE services to use

1) https://www.paypal.com/us/home  (Create your FREE account)
2) https://www.solidtrustpay.com/login  (Create your FREE account)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

*** If you're reading this, and decide to watch our 6 minute how it works movie..(Link at the top of the page),
and you decide you want to join us, please contact me because I can offer a special discount, which will get
you in for a 1 time payment of $42...Package #1 FREE! A $15 savings/27% discount, but you have to watch
the video first. When I see that you've checked it out, I will send you the special discount offer link via E-mail,
and you will only have 48 hours to accept my offer or it goes away! I'm here if you have any questions, Please
don't hesitate to contact me!!!  (812.264.3754 - Call or Text) - http://www.facebook.com/rick.brier

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->  NO OTHER FEES EVER!

* When "Upgrading" you will follow the instructions as you see them, and the 
first thing you have to do is make your $7 ADMIN fee payment, and then you
will be instructed to make your package purchase/s.If you elect to purchase just
package #1, you will only pay a 1 time fee of $15, or as Recommended you 
should purchase both packages for a 1 time fee of $50. The reason why it's
recommended is because you lose out on all package #2 commissions if you only
purchase package #1. 

=> You're all finished. Once payment is made, I have to wait for payment to clear,
and usually that takes anywhere from a few minutes to about 30 minutes. Once
I receive payment, I have to accept, and then you will receive an Automated 
E-mail from the system letting you know about your payment details, and if for
some reason payment doesn't go through, I will decline and you will also receive
an E-mail letting you know, and all you have to do is start all over with the "Upgrade"
process. It happens, so don't get discouraged! 

=> Once everything has been completed, you will then also receive a "Welcome Aboard"
E-mail from me giving you instructions what you need to do in order to get your system 
set up, which takes just a few minutes, and is simple to do! 

{What I do for you}:

=> All new members get my first "AD' that i place from - Herculist.com to over 89,000 + members
and growing everyday! these are all opportunity seekers

=> I have many websites that I've paid for, and am Grandfathered in where i never have to pay again, 
and I randomly post "ADS" in your behalf and send you copies of what I post!

=> You will also receive daily E-mails from me, with tips, tutorials, videos, and Ebooks! as a new member
you will first receive a compete list of my best advertising resources. (over 2000 FREE classified sites)
after that you will receive My Digi Do List, which tells you what you should be doing daily, and then you
will receive a tutorial on how to use our Intelliprotrac software in your back office area, that you can use
daily as you get "TOUR TAKERS."  After a few days, to a week, you will start receiving a series of E-mails
giving you access to my massive training blog that I add to regularly. There will be 25 links per page, and 
all you have to do is click, and you are taken directly to my post. I will also even throw your affiliate link
on random posts and share, which gives you more exposure to your website.

=> This might seem a bit odd, but I do a lot of prospecting, which means I talk to people daily on Messenger
from all over the world about DigiSoft, and constantly keep anywhere from 400-500 people that i talk to, and 
build a Rapport, because it's much easier to get sign ups when people like and trust you. Anyway, because of
how the compensation plan is structured, everyone has to pass up their first (3) sales to their package sponsor,
because we are built around leverage and that's the only way you can make a significant amount of money, So
when I talk to people, and they ask for my link to the "How it Works" movie, I will give my Team members, because
it's a win/win! By me doing this, I'm getting paid, and you are getting your (3) qualifying sales out of the way.
(When someone "Upgrades" under you, and let's say purchases both packages, you just got your package #1
qualifying sale out of the way, and will receive every package #1 $15 payment from that point on, and you would 
have 1 of your 2 qualifying sales for package #2, and will need 1 more package #2 sale to be fully qualified.
Package #1 - You receive every payment at number 2, and every Package #2 payment at number 3 to infinity!

***SPECIAL BONUS - Join me and I will send you 1000 FREE opportunity seeker leads!!!

{Your Job as a Payliner}:

* We say earn while you learn, which means once you get started advertising your affiliate link, you will need
to be learning your back office area by clicking the Yellow/Blue tabs at the top of the page and acclimate yourself
with how everything works. The system keeps track of everything, and is fully automated! When you start, just
focus on getting your "ADS" out there, and when you get people to "Upgrade". I will work with all of your 
Downline Members, so you don't have to...They will receive the same help that I give everyone! Ron and I try
to make things as simple as possible, for your success!  With all of the info I send, you don't have to implement
everything I teach, but if you can possibly pick a couple of things that you like, do those and get good at them.
there is more than 1 way to build a successful online business! Post just 10 ads per day, more is better!

{Posting ADS} - I have around 2,000 FREE Classified sites, that you will have access to

10 ADS daily x 7 Days a week = 70 ADS weekly = 70 ADS WEEKLY X 4 weeks = 280 ADS monthly.
280 ADS monthly x 12 months = 3,360 ADS Per year, working just 1 hour per day, every day!
***Note- Also have over 1,000 Pre written ADS for you to copy & paste. the system is 99% Automated!
Obviously more "ADS" are better, but at least try to post the 10 daily!  CAN YOU INVITE OTHERS TO
WATCH THE HOW IT WORKS MOVIE? That's all you have to do, and it will do the hard work for you!

{Product Line}

We have 296 Downloadable Software Products that are completely yours once you're a paid member, and
most of them will help you build your DigiSoft, or any other small business you choose.
Package #1 - 76 Products for a 1 time fee of $15...NEVER pay again! (Mandatory)
Package #2 - 160 Products for a 1 time fee of $35...NEVER pay again (Optional)
FREE - All members will also have access to 60 FREE products = total {296}
ADMIN fee - $7 monthly, package #1 - $15 1 time, package #2 - $35 1 time = $57 total!

***Click the link to checkout some of our Software Products:

=>  https://rbrier2323.blogspot.com/2019/07/296-downloadable-software-products-22or.html



Introducing Our New DigiSoft IntelliProTrac Software! - 2015

Our IntelliProTrac Software is Intelligent Prospect Tracking Software that will
identify and automatically follow up with your "Hottest DigiSoft Prospects" to
help close the sale for you! 

A Real Game Changer, and Is  Live!!! (All paid members have access, and nothing to Download)

For more details on this amazing new start-of-the-art software login to your
DigiSoft Member Center, and scroll to the bottom of the Status Page!

=>  You have everything you need in your back office area, Plus my blog, in order to help
build your business, such as  tools, tips,  training videos, Software Products, ADS, Classified Sites, 
phone scripts, post cards, and much more... Plus you have 5 Capture Pages to promote at your 

{Training Provided}: 

    Online Methods: You Only Have To Choose A Couple That You Like

        1) Safelists - (I Have A Complete List For You)
        2) Traffic Exchanges - (We Have A List For You)
        3  Forums - (We Have A List For You)
        4) YouTube Videos
        5) Classifieds - (Over 2,000 FREE sites)
        6) Social Media - (Facebook/Messenger/Linkedin/Twitter)
        7) Article Writing
        8) Banners - (5 Different Banners/Capture Pages For You To Advertise)
        9) Post Cards - (We Have Our Own For You To Use)
        10) Paid Advertising - (I Pay And Post For You So You Don't Have To)
        11) Pre Written Ads - (You Have About 40 In Back Office, And I Give You Hundreds More)
        12) Complete Access To My Training Blog/And Daily E-mails With Tips, & Tutorials/Videos

    Offline Methods:

         1) Phone Scripts - (We Have Several For You To Use)
         2) Word Of Mouth - (This Is The Best Form Of Advertising)
         3) Business Cards - (We Have One In The Back Office Area. You Can Use Vista Print)
         4) Post Cards - (Also In Your Back Office Area)

I have a method that I use On Messenger, and will give you my scripts word for word. I also have scripts for the other Social Media sites listed above.



This isn't a get rich quick scheme or scam. This will take time and effort on your part, but with my help, you can achieve
the ultimate success and  will take years to build, but it's worth it in the end. If you are coachable, and
can devote at least an hour a day to this than you have what it takes in order to be successful in this industry. It's best if you have a PC, but if you only have 
 a cell phone you can still do it but it will be much tougher unless you're able to copy and paste. We have people making money from day 1, This is 100% LEGITIMATE!


{My Results}:

These are my monthly stats on average:

=> Monthly Tour Takers - 20-50 (Plus I get many more for my team)
=> On average I get someone to "Upgrade" about every 3-6 weeks.
That obviously varies because I've gotten 4 "Upgrades" in a weekend, so anything
is possible. Right now I have over 1,000 Tour Takers that I mail to, plus
I also have a massive mailing list as well! 

P.S. I was with a company a few years ago called the Daily Income Network,
and before it folded we had over 48,000 members, and I was the #7 recruiter
within the company! I really hope you join me, So we can all be successful
together! Once again, this is a marathon, and not a sprint!


{How Much Can I Earn?}

=>  If you watch the 6 minute how it works movie,  Ron Walsh shows you how you can
earn over 230k within the next year by just referring 1 person weekly into your business, and your 
Downline can do the same over the same period. I train everyone that comes into your business
so you can get acclimated to the system, because I want everyone to be successful. (We close
your sales for you, so you don't have to!) 

===>   http://www.rbrier2323.blogspot.com   (Complete access to my training blog!)

===>  http://www.facebook.com/rick.brier  (Stop by and send me a friend request)

===>  https://www.alignable.com/terre-haute-in/digisoft-payline  (Small business person of the year 2018)

===>  https://www.leadsleap.com/socialreview/digisoftpayline.com  (DigiSoft Testimonials)

==>  https://rbrier2323.blogspot.com/2018/07/about-me-what-i-can-do-for-you-300.html  (More Info)


{10 Reasons why I love this business}:

(1. The system does all of the telling and selling so that we don't have to know everything about everything, which makes everything so duplicatable.

2. Highly in demand products that are competitively priced to sell for customer acquisition.

3. Low start up cost of $15 for package 1, and $35 for package 2.

4. You can literally maintain your business for $7 a month.

5. You can let people take a FREE Tour before deciding.

6. Alexa ranking (76,824), and getting better by the day.

7. Awesome community recognition so that the new person feels they are making progress at an early stage.

8. Community support system that is bar none the most powerful in the industry.

9. A reverse 1 and 2 up compensation plan paid member to member. (100% daily commissions)

10. And last but not least.. many people who have been through multiple companies in the past with no success and are finally making money, and lots of them hitting major ranks ONLY with {DSP} - DigiSoft Payline. No longer do you need hundreds or even thousands in your Downline in order to build a successful business. We are built around leverage, and you only need a select few like-minded individuals to build your business! 


{The Mission}: 

{DSP} is on a mission to help people turn their life around and conquer their financial struggles by providing tools, benefits, and education to help start a successful leveraged business. 

Leverage is the only way you can create true freedom, if you are only being paid while you are at work there is no way you will ever have time freedom and if your income depends solely on you there is very little chance you will achieve financial freedom, so how about joining us so we can all be successful...

Rick Brier (DigiSoft Payline - Sponsor)

{COMPENSATION PLAN CHART}  -  6 Minute Video Explains In Detail

Image result for how to upgrade to a DigiSoft payline logos

*** My Story To Network Marketing *** {330}

I thought for this post, I would talk a little about me and how I got here,
So bear with me, because I'm not very good when it comes to talking
about myself. I started this journey back in 2006 after the company
I worked for, for over 15 years shut down, and moved. I owe my success
to a very close friend of over 40 years, because He actually got me into
this industry. Back in the early 2000's he Joined Amway, which we all
know, and still is a Phoenominal company. He not only worked a full
job in corporate america, but was kicking butt with Amway as well.

He tried for years to get me into the company, but it was totally out
of my comfort zone, because selling was not my strong suit, and I
continued to tell him "NO" that I wasn't interested. I was perfectly
content working my 8 hour, 5 days a week job...It wasn't until my
company closed, that I said to myself, that I wanted more out life
than punching a time clock day in and day out for the next 30 years
or so. Once my company finally let us all go, I had enough money
to last me for at least the next couple of years before I would have to
do something, So during that time, I decided to look into Network
Marketing, and see if it was something that I could do to earn money
from home, because I didn't like the thought of having to find a new
career, and starting all over again.

In 2006 I finally jumped into a company with both feet called Quixtar.
Some of you may know it. It's the sister company to yes, you got it...
Amway. I was very eager to learn and was on my computer for hours
everyday. I studied, and was always on the phone with my upline doing
3 - way calls. My upline, and her upline were showing me how to close my
sales. I listened and learned, or so I thought, because they told me that I
had to purchase all of our products, which cost me $3,500. After my
purchase I found out that I was taken, because I didn't have to do that,
but my upline said I did, and that's because they got bonus points, which
earned them a commission off of my purchase, So I chalked it up as
a bad experience, and lesson learned. I guess on a positive note, I was
able to use most of the products, So it wasn't a total loss...Needless to
say, I felt betrayed and decided to move along to something else...

After I was finished with Quixtar, I was still determined to succeed, and
continued my quest to find something else that I could do. I did what you're
absolutely not suppose to do, and that was jump from program to program
just throwing good money after bad away. It was always the next best program,
which again I learned that you can never succeed in any business if you're
bouncing from one program to the next, and I still see people doing that today.

I must've worked at least 50 programs, with very little results, but I was still
not ready to throw in the towel...I'm stubborn that way...(lol) I finally got my
big break when  I joined a company called (The Daily Income Network), and
finally was able to taste a little bit of success. I was a top 10 recruiter with
the company that had over 48,000 members at that time. Unfortunately they
had server errors and was forced to shut down. I wasn't happy about it, but
still I wasn't ready to quit, because that's not what I do!

In 2015 after doing my due diligence I found DigiSoft Payline, and things
took off for me, because I had finally been in the industry for awhile now
and at least had some knowledge about what I was doing. I created my own
business plan, and pretty much didn't have someone to show me the ropes.
Every time I signed up for an opportunity, I never heard from my sponsor
once they got my money, So with that being said, That's a big reason why
I'm a good sponsor for my people, because I know what it's like not having
anyone there to help!

I have made enough of a name for myself now, that people will contact me
asking to check out an opportunity to see what I think. Now when people
join me @ DigiSoft Payline, the learning curve isn't near as bad as when
I started, because I offer daily training, and try to simplify things as much
as possible. Most of the work is already done for you. This is simple copy
and paste advertising, getting people to our (6 minute how it works movie).
It does the selling/telling/& explaining so you don't have to... I do teach some
very unique strategies, but they have worked for me, and others within my
Downline! You just have to tell yourself, that this is for the long haul. You
can't work it for a month and expect success...I'm not telling you that you
can't make money quickly, but this is a business and as long as you treat it
as such, you can be successful! If you like my story, and wish to work with
me, the link is below. All you need to do, is click & create your free tour
takers, and then watch the how it works movie. takes less than 10 minutes.
Our CEO/ADMIN Ron Walsh will explain the compensation plan and how
you are paid. (Paypal/Solid Trust Pay/Western Union/Money Gram) - Worldwide!


Isaiah 41:10 ESV

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
The one things you need to be on guard about is negative self talk. When you make a mistake learn to forgive yourself quickly. Dwelling on negative words from customers or employees will just hold you back. Use negative feedback as an opportunity to grow, but don’t hang on to it, Treat it like water off a duck’s back. Treat each day as a new start. Love yourself and be loving to others.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

*** Quiz Results. What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You? *** {329}

 I send this quiz to my prospects asking what type of  entrepreneur they are so 
I can better gauge where they are, and know how much help they will need. 
Everyone who comes into your business will be at different levels, and probably 
most, will be complete "NEWBIES", and that's OK! You will just have to devote
more time with them, If they are part of the willing to succeed. If not, you can 
still follow up, but make more time for those wanting to succeed. For me, I have
a series Of E-mails, that I send daily to all of my members, giving them many 
tips, & tutorials on how to be successful in this industry. I even place random 
"ADS" for my "TEAM" and send copies of what I post. I'm Grandfathered in to 
several paid sites, and make sure that you never EVER have to pay! 

The choices were....

1) I am a complete newbie and have never
made any money online.  I don’t even know
where to begin but I’m driven to succeed!  

2) I have made a little money online but have
had no real sustainable online success
and have not been able to do this full time.  

3) I have an online business that is making
money but I’d like to be making much more
and can’t seem to get over that next hurdle. 

4) I am making great money online and am
just looking for a few strategies here and
a few golden nuggets there to constantly
improve myself and my business.  

I get  tons of responses . (Thank you for sending your answers.)

The results usually tell me that most of my readers are in the
#1 category, with #2 a close second.

Most people have a big desire to build an online business
but just can't seem to get traction, and that's where I come in.

 I totally get it. It's hard to see results when starting from
scratch. And not everyone has 10 hours to spend on the
computer every day. We have kids, a job, a spouse, 
friends, a hobby, all asking for our time constantly.

You really need two things to be a success online.

1. The right road map (plan for success),- Which I have

2. The time to execute your plan (About an hour a day)

You don't need a lot of money. That's a myth.
Actually you can have an internet business for
22 bucks 1 time. Everyone can scrape together 22 bucks,
or go all in for a 1 time fee of $57. Where else can you go
and start your very own internet business for around $50?

But you just need to invest time. Time to learn, and
time to 'DO' income producing activities.

If you have any questions, or would just like to subscribe
to my mailing list, my contact info is below. You will receive 
daily Tips, Tutorials, and FREE gifts from me! I want  everyone
to succeed, so let me help!

Rick Brier

=>  http://www.facebook.com/rick.brier


"Little by little, in subtle ways, you get programmed. You create beliefs that get cemented in your personality. You don’t realize you are doing this, but you are. Your core, foundational beliefs about relationships, money, and success will all be programmed into you by the time you are 10 years old." 

- Randy Gage

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Friday, September 6, 2019

*** My Online Business Strategies *** {328}

Sample Business Strategies for 2019

Let me start out by telling you that I am a personal fitness trainer & Meal planner. This experience has helped me immensely in the MLM Industry. (DigiSoft is not MLM!)

I like to set goals, weekly, monthly & yearly, and spend at least a couple of hours daily
to growing my business, by maximizing time. Below are just a few things that I like to do. There is more than 1 way to build a successful online business, and you need to find out what that is. I'm always available to discuss further so we can come up with a game plan for you.

My Daily Routine

_____ Herculist (Send out daily email blast) - 85,000 + (Grandfathered in, never pay again)

_____ Linkedin (connect with a few new people daily and share content) - Gold mine

_____ Check Email/Messenger (reply to questions daily) - My favorite method of contact

_____ Email My Personally Sponsored People (daily with tips, & tutorials)

_____ Post to  Facebook Groups (weekly)

_____ Email My Prospect List (send out helpful training tips, weekly)

_____ Work/Post & publish to My Blog (weekly)

_____ Contact marketers on MLM Gateway giving access to my blog (Lead with Value)

_____ Contact Opportunity Seekers on Facebook/Messenger (daily) - see if they are open

_____ Watch YouTube training videos (Learn new Traffic strategies & techniques)

_____ Post "ADS" daily, on classified sites (Craigslist)/ Safelists)

_____ Post random "ADS' for my "TEAM" (paid advertising)

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“People are not interested in your product or your business; they are interested in solving their own problems.” - James Dillehay