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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

*** About Me & What I Can Do For You (Read this first before we proceed!) *** {300}



My name is Rick Brier, and I will be  your DigiSoft Payline Sponsor
once you register for the FREE Tour! DigiSoft is moving very fast,
and we are getting paid just as fast because DigiSoft pays instantly
member to member!

Please login or create an account, and watch the 6 minute how it 
works movie as soon as you can, and make sure you check out 
``The Accelerated 230K Business Plan." It's located just under the
How it works movie. The 230K Plan shows your income potential 
at Package #2. The mon-ey you  can make here from such a small 
one-time purchase is Truly AMAZING!

If you join my Team at both Package Levels I will send you a list 
of my Best Advertising Resources to help you get off to a FAST START!

Please send me a quick email to let me know where you saw my 
AD so I know what advertising resources are working the best. Thanks :)

TeamWork Works & I look Forward To Working With You!

Rick Brier (DigiSoft Payline Sponsor)



I've been in this industry since 2006 and have been with probably over 50
different companies. Some good some bad, so i know what it's like to fail, and
it wasn't because of my desire, but because some programs are just not 
constructed for you to be successful! 

I am proud to say that I've been with a company where I was a top 10 recruiter
out of 48,000 + members, so i guess I have some knowledge about what I'm doing!
I have studied from some of the best we have in this industry, and never really had
a 1 on 1 mentor. I've pretty much learned on my own through trial and error, and 
I'm obviously still learning!

When I'm not working my business, I enjoy Bodybuilding, and anything to do with
fitness. I've been into fitness for over 35 years now, and I really enjoy sports as well. I do
have a son named Jacob, and he's my whole world. He does have some problems
that we're working on, but I'm never giving up on him...I've been a single parent
since he was 3, and is turning 22 soon! 

Next to my family, I get the most joy and excitement out of helping others...I feel like I'm a dying
breed, because I actually care about others, and how I can help them. It's not all about
the money for me..When I help one of my members get a sale, it is so gratifying in 
knowing that I had a hand in that. So if you join me today, I can promise that you won't



In this section I'm going to quickly tell you how I can help you succeed with your
DigiSoft Payline Business!!!

Obviously it's no secret that you have to put your ADS out there for people to see,
and that you're only doing that, so you can place another one, and what I like to
do for my members is purchase advertising packages, so they don't have to!

I have several sites where I'm a paid member, and what I do is place random
ADS for everyone on my team using their affiliate link, and to show that I do
what I say, I also send a copy of what I placed...One of the best site that I use
for this is ( Herculist.com ), they have over 80,000 members and growing everyday...

With Heculist, as a Gold member, I'm allowed to place 1 AD every 24 hours, so 
I'm placing  a lot of ADS for my members, and I also have many other sites, and
Safelists I use as well!

You may be asking yourself, why I do this, and the answer is simple. We all benefit
from this because with DigiSoft Payline, our payplan is structured around leverage,
and in this industry, it's the only way you can succeed. 

As a payliner, that purchased both packages (1 time fee of $50), you are required
to get and pass up (3) qualifying sales. I know you're thinking why do I have to do that,
and the reason is back to LEVERAGE..Everyone under you has to do the same thing
and you will receive pass up sales to infinity.. Win/Win!

I also have special Emails that I send out to various places with my members affialte
link instead of mine...Again I do this because it helps you get your (3) qualifying sales
and they get passed up to me anyway... Win/Win!

Ron Walsh, Our Founder and CEO is the best in the industry because he helps close
EVERYONE'S sales! He is always there if you ever need him, and he constructed
2 really cool tools in the back office area for members that has never been done
before...I think DigiSoft is a really good program for anyone, because it's newbie
friendly, and very inexpensive for all... ($50 1 time for packages, $7 monthly ADMIN fee)

I also send my members FREE downloadable E-books in order to help advertise 
your business, and you also get access to this massive training blog, and I even
break it down in groups of 25 with the link, so you don't have to sift through and
try to find what you're looking for...Just click the link and it takes you right to where
you want to go...

Our little program can put fast cash in your pockets quickly, and ADMIN doesn't handle
any money. You are paid 100% commissions member to member directly into your
Paypal account!

P.S. If you click the link above, you can create a FREE Tour Takers account, and please
make sure to watch the 6 minute "HOW IT WORKS VIDEO" Very Important!

>>> We also have Hundreds of Prewritten "ADS" at your disposal, as well as hundreds
of places for you advertise your affiliate links, and finally I will insert your affiliate link randomly within my blog posts and share on (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, & Googe +), and I also have an unlimited source of LEADS from Facebook!!!

***NOTE}: If you upgrade to a Payliner, you should be able to devote at least 1-2 hours per
day focusing on your business...If you can't dedicate the time, then this probably isn't for you, and I wish you all the best in your Endeavors!!! (Always here for you..Please contact me for more info...I have a Complete Breakdown/Payplan, and How to upgrade Tutorial that I can send via E-MAIL

                                                                                             ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM

                                                                 CLICK THE LINK ABOVE, AND LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED

                                                              Also check out my Pinterest Page @  http://www.pinterest.com/rick2323


As a DigiSoft Payliner, your job will be to get your affiliate link out there as much as possible, by Placing Pre written ADS that we already have for you, and placing them on the sites that we have for you as well...We Literally have 100's of both...As you get your links out there, (And your links will look similar to mine, with a website just like mine also), people will come to your website, and when they click your links, they will hear a 45 second preview video after the music is done playing, and then they will be instructed to scroll down the page and create a FREE Tour Taker Account, which takes about a minute to do, and then will be taken inside the system where they will click another link to watch our 6 minute how it works video, telling you more about how our second to none Compensations plan works...This is what does your selling, telling and explaining for you, so you don't have to...I am there every step of the way, to help get your links out for others to see...We are worldwide, and have been very successful!  In a nutshell, this is simple copy and paste with a very small 1 time start up cost for the masses! Please contact me if you want more info, i can get that to you via E-mail, and then we can discuss further to see if this will be a good fit!!!  If I should send you a website other than mine, it's because it will be one of my Downline members sites, and the reason for this is so they can get credit for any sales...with our system, everyone has to  pass up 3 qualifying sales if they purchase both packages and that's because we are built around leverage, which means that you can earn very quickly...If you  upgrade to a Payliner, I will also do this for you as well...I will still be the one working and training  all members.. (Mine & my Team!)
Our product line consists of 296 Downloadable Software Products, for you to use any way you like, and  can  also help build your DigiSoft, Or any other business you are working!!!
($50 total for both product packages 1 time, and a monthly Admin fee of $7) NO OTHER FEES EVER!!!


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