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Friday, May 26, 2023

*** Welcome To The List Infinity Info Page ( Complete Breakdown Of The Program) *** {546}

πŸ˜€What is List Infinity? (Simple Copy & Paste Advertising!)

{List Infinity} -  My affiliate linkhttps://listinfinity.net/rick2323 Watch the short video.

List Infinity is a legit lead generation and make-money-online program. You are getting paid to build your email list by referring other members to join List Infinity. This program is owned by Derrick van Dyke—an affiliate marketer that also owns Quick Funnels, ClickMagick, and FB Automation Suite.

{CEO/ADMIN: Derrick Van Dyke} - 

Software Developer/Network Marketer and creator of List Infinity (Over 20 years experience), from Eagle Point Oregon. Contact Info: linkedin.com/in/derrickvandyke

FaceBook Group Page:

List Infinity Launch Date: Dec. 2021

{How Much Does It Cost To Join List Infinity}

There are (4) packages to choose from, and they are all  1 TIME PAYMENTS!!!  NO MONTHLY FEES EVER!!!

{Basic Level}: 1 time sponsor fee of $7, with a $0 admin fee

{Starter Level}: 1 time sponsor fee of $25, with a 1 time admin fee of $10 = $35 total

{Pro Level}: 1 time sponsor fee of $100, with a 1 time admin fee of $30 = $130 total

{Elite Level}: 1 time sponsor fee of $300, with a 1 time admin fee of $80 = $380 total

*My website will show you what you get with each package!

{ADMIN UPDATES}: (2/6/24) Basic Level

Hi Rick,

I've been working on this for days and it's finally ready.


I have added a $7 level to replace the Free level.


No admin fee. You get 100%.


Current free members will be prompted to upgrade when they log in. 


And I will add special offers for upgrades soon.

 But for now, if you accept credit cards, I need you to set up a payment link for the
$7 Basic level.


Go to: System Setup > Payment Options


Let me know if you have any questions. 


I will respond.


Your partner in success,
Derrick Van Dyke


Admin Update: 1/16/24

Hi Rick,

I just finished a new, $25 funnel that should make you more sales!


To see the funnel, make sure you're logged in. If you're a starter member, just click on your referral link. 


If you're an Elite member, you can use this link:



You will see the signup page.


Then, click this link to see the sales video:



Finally, click this link to see the order page which will have your payment methods displayed.



Let me know what you think!

Your partner in success,
Derrick Van Dyke


πŸ’{Products} Each package has a plethora of training videos on different ways to advertise your List Infinity business or any business for that matter, and you only have access to whatever package you purchase. If you purchase the Elite package which the price is listed above, You will have access to every video. I have a listing of the videos on another one of my posts, which you will have access to as a member. You don't have to utilize every video, but I suggest picking 2-3 and watch those when you have time. Post your daily ADS, and watch a video a day if you have the time. We have such videos as Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, and Email Marketing just to name a few! There are a lot of videos at your disposal, plus I will be sending you random Emails with Tips, and Tutorials, and I will even be helping you to advertise your List Infinity business page. (Earn while you learn!)


These fees are paid directly to the person who referred you, and directly to Admin, Derrick Van Dyke. If you join at the Starter Level, you can only make the $25 commissions for anyone who upgrades under you. If you join at the Pro Level, you  will receive commissions from "BOTH" levels, and you get paid 100% commissions on "BOTH." If you should join @ the Elite Level Package which I highly recommend, you will receive commissions on all (4) levels. 100% commissions! 

{Payment Processors} - 

Paypal, Stripe, Venmo, Cash App, Credit Card, Western Union, or any other processor you want to implement. Paypal, and Stripe are recommended and are FREE to use. (You will use these to make, and receive your payments. Also when someone upgrades under you, you don't have to wait on your commissions because you are paid DAILY!!!  [My personal account: PayPal: ricksnetbiz@gmail.com  (paypal.me/rickbrier )]  (I also take credit card through Venmo. (Username rbrier2323, or Western Union as my processors)

πŸ‘‰I can be paid @ any of these payment processors!

1) paypal.me/rickbrier (PayPal)
2) Venmo: Username - rbrier2323 (https://account.venmo.com/u/rbrier2323.)
3) Western Union  (3337 Goldenrod Ave. Apt. #5 Terre Haute In. 47805)

NOTE: Be very careful with whatever processor/s you use, because some of them don't like Network Marketing businesses and may ban you from using their site. I've had Paypal for over a decade without incident, but I know people who have been banned. When setting up an account, don't click the business tab! I've also been told that Stripe is funny about Marketers as well. I've never used it before, so I'm only speaking of what I've been told.

{About Your Daily Commissions} -

 I recommend getting in @ the Elite Level if you can afford it, so you're not  leaving money on the table. If you join at the Starter or Pro Level, and someone under you that you referred joins at the Elite Level, you won't receive the commission from that sale...

That sale will be passed up in your upline to the next Pro Level member, so it's important to join at the Elite Level if at all possible. If you can't afford it at the time of signing up, that's ok...Just do what you have the money for, and then later, you can pay the difference to upgrade to either the Pro, or Elite package. What makes this even better is that it's built around  LEVERAGE...You make money from the efforts of your downline as well...

For everyone who joins under you to infinity, you will receive everyone's 5th member as a pass up sale, so in other words, you receive 100% commissions from everyone you bring in, and you will also receive 20% of every lead that your downline brings in, which is every 5th sale. This is how you can potentially make big money fast!!!

{Who Can Join List Infinity}

You can market your List Infinity business to anyone worldwide, or at least to anyone who can use one of the payment processors listed above or can make/receive payments. You must be 18 to join!

{How Does It Work, I'm A Newbie, And Don't Know What To Do}?: 

There are several steps to this process. First, after you choose your package, and make your sponsor/admin fee payments, you will set up your own personal system, then you will choose 1 of the 15 capture pages that are at your disposal, and then start advertising. 100% Commissions!!! There are step by step videos in your back office area if needed in order to get your business up and running or you can contact Derrick or myself if you have any problems. Again, you will click on system set up, and there will be 7 steps to setting up your new list infinity system. Make sure you click them in order, and complete as you see them!

NOTE: Of the 7 steps, you only need to set up 1-4!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Blog Posts #546-#550 are all pertaining to List Infinity and will help you. Make sure to pass along anything I send, especially this post because it is my complete breakdown page. You can take out my affiliate link if you like, and insert yours!

Part of the setup process is choosing one of the (4) Autoresponders that are listed on the site, and creating a FREE account for your payment processor/s. This is all that is needed before you get started promoting your affiliate link! As paid member you have access to a back office area where you will find tons of training tips, and video modules helping you every step of the way. 

➤There are 4 Autoresponder options you can connect to your List Infinity account. You will have to choose 1 of the 3 package offers if you use Aweber which is the best one listed. I paid $239.99 for the year, but you can choose to pay by the month and I believe you can pay as little as $19.99 per month for the basic package. Blog post #550 is a complete tutorial on how to set up your system, including your Aweber Autoresponder. I've not used any of the others, so if you have problems after creating your FREE account, you will have to contact support for help. Aweber has a 24/7 support staff that you can message for help as well. The reason why this is important is because you will have somewhere around 60 pre written messages that goes out as you choose. When someone signs up under your affiliate link, the system captures your prospects info, and will automatically send one of your pre written messages trying to entice them to upgrade. Should you set it up to send a message daily, the system will send your messages for about 2 months, and then will start over if the prospect hasn't upgraded, or opted out of receiving your emails. This is automation

  • LeadsLeap/SendSteed – our preference ($27 monthly)
  • GetResponse (FREE for 30 days, and then $15.60  monthly)
  • AWeber – best recommendation ($19.99 monthly)
  • TrafficWave ($17.95 monthly)
---{What is an Autoresponder}?

An autoresponder allows you to send email messages automatically to people who have elected to receive them (your subscribers). For example, if you've created a free report, a template, a guide, or other helpful piece of content, you can let your website visitors access it in exchange for their email address. (you already have a 30 day campaign created for you in your back office area...) 

{Aweber Pricing}( https://help.aweber.com/hc/en-us/articles/204026366-How-much-does-AWeber-cost- )(You can pay by month, or yearly, your choice!

πŸ‘‰Total FEES: You will have (4) List Infinity packages to choose from, and will pay your sponsor the amount of the package, plus an admin fee that goes directly to the list infinity admin/creator Derrick Vandyke, and these are 1 TIME PAYMENTS!!! If you click the link above ☝☝☝ it will take you to Aweber pricing for your autoresponder. This will be a monthly or yearly payment, your choice. I paid $239.99 for a year, but you do what you can afford! If you buy in at the starter level package with ADMIN fee, you would pay $35, plus with your Aweber autoresponder at the cheapest package, you could get started for around $50-$60 or so if you're pinched on funds! (YOU CAN NOW JOIN FOR A ONE TIME FEE OF $7!) 

                                  ➤➤➤➤➤ THERE ARE NO OTHER FEE'S REQUIRED!!! 
πŸ˜€{About your sponsor}

I've been a Network Marketer since 2006, and have been a top earner with (2) different companies. The Daily Income Network, & DigiSoft Payline. In 2018, I won small business person of the year voted  on by my peers with almost 500 other companies. I'm 58 years old, and retired with more money than  I will ever spend in my lifetime. Part of That is because of my online business ventures. I'm dedicated, and on a mission to help as many people as possible to become financially free of debt!!!

{How I can help} - 

One of the things I've done for my Downline members for many years is to help them advertise their affiliate link. I'm grandfathered into several Ad Sites where I no longer have to pay any fees, and can send daily ADS using their affiliate links, and not mine. When I do this, I always send an email showing you the AD I posted for you. If you decide to join us, You will also receive a welcome aboard E-mail with around 2,000 FREE AD sites, and a tutorial on how to setup a paypal account in case you need one, and then a third E-mail with 15 pre-written ADS, and several FREEBIES for you and your prospects. I try to make your Job as easy as possible, so you can focus on learning your business/back office area, and getting your ADS out there. You also have a plethora of ADS in your back office area, along with tons of training. While posting daily Ads, you can watch one of the many training videos in your back office area each day, and you also have Youtube to refer to for more tips as well. I will send you 1 email per week with a training tip, tutorial, or video to help grow your business. You will also receive 120 million email address to use at your convenience for your email marketing. These are not hot leads, but were people looking for something in 2020. Also a lot of them are bad emails. Just delete the bad ones and use the good ones!

One of my favorite Advertising sites is: (https://www.herculist.com/members/index.cgi?herculist) - Over 350,000+ members and growing daily worldwide. I can make 1 post every 24 hours to the entire data base, and will be posting random ADS for every one on my team!

Once you've upgraded your account to the {BasicStarter, Pro, or Elite Level Package}, You will receive an E-mail from me with over 2,000 FREE Advertising sites that you can use as you wish. When starting out, I recommend trying to post at least 10 ADS per day, everyday until you get acclimated to what you're doing, and then work on trying to post more as you go. You have pre written ADS in your back office area, and I have probably over 1,000 more that you will have access to as well. You must put in 1-2 hours daily toward your business, (simple copy & paste). After we get you up and running, I will then send you an E-mail a day with links to my blog  posts, so you don't have to hunt for them, and then after you receive them all over a 2 week period, you will then get 1 E-mail per week with a training tip, tutorial or video... 

I would recommend creating a List Infinity folder on your PC so you can keep my E-mails. 

 Also when reading my blog posts, make sure to ignore anything pertaining to DigiSoft Payline.


1) Go to my affiliate link and create your account
2) Upgrade to one of the 4 package levels
3) Make your package payment to your sponsor, and then your admin fee
4) Go to System Set up and connect your Autoresponder  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuUc_GLwm-o) Youtube Tutorial
5) Customize your bridge page
6) Import your email campaign
7) Select payment options
=> You will also have 16 Lead Capture Pages at your disposal.

πŸ‘‰I will have a set up tutorial on blog post #550. Steps 5,6,&7 don't need to be set up

***Takes about an hour to set up your system and then you're ready to start advertising. You have a lot of training/videos in your back office area, so once you get your system set up, you can start advertising your affiliate link, while you take the time to learn the system and your back office area. The steps above are in no particular order other than the first 3. Once you're 1 time sponsor/admin fee is paid, you will click the system set up tab on the left side of the page, and you will see 7 steps to setting up your business, and you will click them in order. You will also see video tutorials for each step, so take your time, and get it set up right the first time! Only set up 1-4!

You have 2 responsibilities  in the beginning, and those are to make sure to get your ADS out there daily, and learn your  business/back office area and that's it. If you have anyone contact you with questions, just let me know, and I will take care of that myself for you so you can focus on learning! - "Earn while you Learn"

"Quote". I would rather earn 1% of a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts. (Leverage)

=> My Contact Page. Message Anytime:  http://www.facebook.com/rbrier2323 
=> My Blog Page. Tips, Tutorials, & Videos: http://www.rbrier2323.blogspot.com (MLM/FITNESS)

πŸ’₯Company Websitehttp://www.listinfinity.net 

Click the link above to go to the company website to see if this is for you:

At the top of the page you will see (6) categories, and if you click each one you will be taken directly down the page to that specific area of the site.

1) Home - This is where you are when going to the company website.

2) Training - This will tell you about some of the training available.

3) List Building - This will tell you about our unique pass up system.

4) Compensation - This will explain our leveraged comp. plan, and payment processors.

5) Login - Create an account with Email, and Password.

6) Sign up - Choose your package and upgrade. This tells what you get with each package.



***Your FREE Download: Feel Free to pass this page along to anyone you think may be interested in making money from the comforts of their homes! After you join, I would recommend putting your affiliate link somewhere on this page so if a prospect likes what they see, they can join directly from your link

πŸ’₯FREE DOWNLOAD! '7 Timeless Principles to Unlock Your Success' guide. I trust that  Success follows you in 2023 and beyond. As a result of following these principles to success. Your product link is below: This is a thank you gift for following my content!


3 {Blog Posts}:

πŸ’{How To Know If You're Being Scammed}:

➤{Article Title - Is Making Money @ Home Really That Easy}?


{How To Market}:


{Pre-Written AD}:

πŸ‘‰Everyone fails in MLM (or do they)...

When people tell you MLM has a 99% failure rate, remember this.

Nearly 90% of the people who join an MLM Company do so simply to get a discount on their product purchases each month, not to build a big business or make money. Are they failures for not making money in the business? I don't think so.

Some people join the "business" just to make new friends and be part of something bigger than themselves. They don't even care if they make money. This is like a social club to them. Are they failures if they don't make money? I don't think so.

Next, the average "distributor" is in and out of the business in less than 90 days. Do you honestly believe they gave it a fair chance and failed in the business? Or did they just have a "lottery mentality" and quit? We both know the answer to that question.
Of the 10 percent who join to earn additional income, not all of them are here to make BIG money. In fact, most are happy with a little part-time pocket change. Many of those people do make part-time incomes of $100 to $1,000 per month, with the small amount of time they do invest in their business. Are they failures? I don't think so.
Most importantly, of the people who stay, who consistently sponsor 2-4 new people every month, month in and month out, for several years, have an extremely HIGH success rate and have the time/money/lifestyle better than any other type of entrepreneur I know. Not all of them do, but many do.
Let the hater's hate, but don't let someone who isn't in the business, or isn't successful in the business, make you think it doesn't work. It does work, if you put in the work and stay consistent.
Most people honestly never even get started right or give the business time to succeed. Easy come easy go!
However, if you treat MLM like a million dollar business owner treats their business, the sky's the limit in our industry. Now you know!

Your affiliate Link
Your Contact Info
{List Infinity (5) post bundle pages:}

1) #546 - List Infinity info page (complete breakdown of the program.

2) #547 - Welcome aboard list infinity (new members)/2000 FREE advertising sites

3) #548 - (New Members), Your Free ADS/Download page

4) #549 - List Infinity "set up" process. (Tutorial on the next page)

5) #550 - List Infinity system set up tutorial, along with your back office area, and what you get.

πŸ˜‰Click the link, and go right to the page. Everything you need to know about List Infinity

πŸ‘‰Sign Up Today, and let's get you making money!!!


"Success isn’t overnight. It’s when everyday you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up.” – Dwayne Johnson

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