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Thursday, October 9, 2014

***3 Tips to get more Face Book Traffic to your site!*** {6}

***{Tip #1}...

1) Go to your Facbook page, and once logged in, start searching for "GROUP" Pages...


*** 1) MLM
***2) Make Money from home
***3) Biz Opps
***4) Internet Opportunities
***5) Internet Marketing for Newbies There are tons of group pages that you can use...Here are just a few to get you going...Some groups you have to click the join button @ the top of the page in order to be able to post on the site...You will then want to click on "ASK QUESTION" where you can "ADD A POLL QUESTION" When they respond to your question, you can then start to build a Repore, and even ask them if you can send them a link to your opportunity...*Your question can be about anything business related...

{Tip #2}

*** 2) Document: Once again, search for "GROUP" Pages, Join if you have to, and then click on "CREATE DOCUMENT." Always ask a question???...

(Example Question):

***Suffering from tiny check syndrome?"... (Your Link)... This is just an example... You want to make your question short, and then add you link... (This will show up on wall posts for everyone to see...

{Tip #3}

***3) Go to "CELEBRITY GROUP PAGES" Make sure to find Celebs that have huge followers and then Join or not....Read peoples posts to the Celebs, and you can either talk to the artist/celeb, and/or post comments to other peoples comments, again building a Repore... you can even add your link once you comment... Feel free to do 20-30 groups per day if you have the time...Your "GROUPS" Can be anything....

{Example Groups}

***1) Actors/Actresses
***2) Singers/Musicians
***3) Athletes *You know this is a numbers game, and you want to get your offers in front of as many people as possible, and Facebook has over 800,000,000 members world wide for you to advertise To... Give it a try if you have a Facebook Page, and if you don't, you can create a page in no time at all...Feel free to check my page out...


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