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Friday, October 10, 2014

***Marketing Tip (Don't Be Desperate)*** {7}

Don’t Be Desperate

Have posture.  Believe in yourself and believe in what you are doing.  When you are desperate your prospect can sense it, just like a dog can smell fear.

NO ONE wants to do business with someone who is desperate.  People want to do business with people who believe in themselves and what they are doing.

Remember, you don’t need any one specific person.  You are ultimately looking for people who are looking.

I think the best way to develop posture is to learn marketing so you have a never ending supply of prospects to talk with.  When you have tons of leads you don’t care who gets in and who doesn’t get in. That’s when the business becomes fun.

Read some books on marketing, direct response marketing and lead generation.  It is a great skill to develop.

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