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Thursday, October 9, 2014

***Daily Tips For Generating More Leads For Your Business (Active Marketing)*** {3}

Daily Tips for generating more leads to your business 

1.  Work your business Monday to Friday and take the weekends off

2.  Set aside 2 hours per day to make "contacts".  How you contact those people is up to you (phone, text, Facebook messenger, email, etc.)

3.  Contact 30 people per day during that 2 hours, 5 days a week, which equals 600 contacts per month

4.  Assume 95% will not join, so you sponsor 1 in 20 people you talk to

5.  With this ratio you would sponsor 30 people per month

6.  Assume 29 of those 30 people will do nothing and quit

7.  Repeat this process every month for a year and you would have 12 Super Star front line reps

8.  Assume half of your 12 superstars quit or leave to go to another company

9.  That leaves you with 6 superstar front line reps

10.  According to Mark, that would provide you a six figure monthly income in just about any network marketing company.

The only real question is "will you set aside 2 hours per day to make 30 contacts per day, five days per week?"

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