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Thursday, October 9, 2014

***20 Ways To Get More Leads To Your Internet Business*** {2}

20 Ways to Get More Leads
  1. Talk to more people.
  2. Cold call. (Not really necessary)
  3. Use drop cards.
  4. Hand out 10 business cards per day.
  5. Make YouTube videos.
  6. Use solo ads.
  7. Join different safe-lists.
  8. Do a daily Facebook Live.
  9. Form a joint venture with a local business.
  10. Learn pay per click (Be careful with this one if you try)
  11. Set up at local events.
  12. Hand out flyers at a flea market, and you can send in bills)
  13. Join local networking groups.
  14. Take on public speaking at different civic organizations.
  15. Get a car magnet or car sticker. (vistaprint.com)
  16. Prospect on Linkedin.
  17. Create a capture page. 
  18. Use Instagram.
  19. Use paid advertising.
  20. Use banner ads on different websites. 
Keep in mind there are HUNDREDS of ways to get leads.  These were just the first 20 ideas that came to my mind this morning.

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