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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

***How To Know If You're Being SCAMMED!*** {36}

***With the thousands of internet opportunities out there, It can sometimes be hard to distinguish what's legit, and what's not!...

Nobody wants to give away their hard earned money to a program, and get nothing in return... I've put together some tell-tale signs to better educate you in your search for a legitimate online business... It should be noted that their is no such thing as the perfect business...

They all have downfalls, and it's your job to do the research....

***{Tell-Tale signs}:

*** 1) If a business tells you to send cash or money orders by mail, Then it's probably not legit. Most online opportunities allow payments to be made by credit card, or Paypal...

Paypal is the same as having a second online bank account, and it's 100% FREE to use... (Just create an account) ***http://www.paypal.com

*** 2) Another sign is if the website has a lot of glitches, and Mis-spellings, and doesn't generally start out with (http://)... Also if the website has a lot of capital letters, this is a pretty good sign that you might want to steer clear of these programs.

*** 3) Avoid FREE offers from the company, because that usually means that you will have to pay for it later... One of the complaints that I've dealt with over my years of work at home opportunities, is that most businesses only tell you the cost to get started... They almost never let you know what costs you will occur along the way... (With my opportunities, I send a complete price breakdown to all of my prospects... I hide nothing, and have done most of the work for people who join my team.

***4) Here are some key words/phrases to look for... "NOW or NEVER" "GET RICH QUICK" "GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING" "QUICK" "EASY" "NO WORK REQUIRED" "NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY" "BIG MONEY FAST" "MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP" "MAKE MONEY IN YOUR P.J'S" ***If it sounds to good to be true, then more than likely you'll want to stay away from these opportunities!!! ... Before joining any opportunity, I urge you to do your due Dilligence and find out the facts first... Here are just a few things you can do...

***1) You can"google" any business, and you will see plenty of pages full of links, good and bad... Even some good opportunities have a few negative responses, so make sure to check it out thoroughly.

*** 2) You can go to ***(www.scam.com) and see what people have posted... If you're looking at a particular opportunity, and don't see anything bad posted, then there's a pretty good chance that it might be legit.

3)You can also call the website owner and ask some tough questions, making him/her tell you everything that you're wanting to know... Admin also has contact info on the webpage... Send questions to them as well... If it is legit, they will have no problem answering your questions... *These are just a few ways to better educate you on making a potential life changing decision about your financial future... Unfortunately, because of the saturation online, {98.2%} of all internet marketers are failing to make any money at all... With Enfiniti Global, members are taught the correct ways to market both online, and offline...

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