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Friday, October 31, 2014

***Writing Articles*** (Getting 1st Page Rankings On Search Engines--Google, Yahoo, & Bing) {57}

In this tutorial I'm going to be talking to you about how to market correctly online...This is not easy, and not for everyone either...
If you choose my methods of advertising, plan on taking at least 6 months to get the results you're looking for...
The goal is to get 1st page rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing...If you can accomplish this, you will have a million dollar business....


***(Getting 1st page rankings on: Google, Yahoo, & Bing)

***For those of you that don't know, The internet is based around search engines, and I'm going to help you get 1st page rankings so that you can have a million dollar business. The methods that I'm going to explain are not difficult, but time consuming. You first need to get you're marketing campaign started by going to google and typing in "KEYWORD TOOL" In the search bar.... Then get some paper and a pencil, and start getting some keywords for your campaign. You can type in keywords, or phrases that you like for your business.

***(EXAMPLE: work from home)

***Now this is just an example... After typing in your keywords/phrases, you will see the number of people that use that particular keyword... You will want to use around 5 words/phrases, but make sure you don't use the ones that have the highest number of uses, Nor do you want to use the ones with the least amount of uses either... When you are playing around with this feature, you will see what i mean...

Take 20-30 minutes to see what words suit you best for your opportunity... After you have chosen your keywords/phrases, it's time to start putting them to use... If you choose to market Online you will always want to use your keywords in EVERYTHING that you do online... Such as if you decide to write an article, make sure to use those keywords... Your keyword "DENSITY should be between 3%-7%... What that means is If you're using the keyword/phrase "work from home", you want to make sure to place it throughout your articles... 3%-7% of the words within the article should include "work from home"... Also when writing articles, you can go to Ezine articles and choose any article you want to make your very own... Now if you decide to use other articles, make sure you spin them... What i mean by this is, when you find an article that you like, copy and paste it to your notebook or notepad, Then break it down by sections... Take each section and change the wording to suit you...

It doesn't matter if you're writing articles, creating blogs, making videos or whatever methods you choose to do, always make sure to use your keywords/phrases, and spin the article if it's not original content... The reason why you want to do this is because search engines Algorhythms(robots), will know if it's not original content and you've done everything for nothing, because they won't recognize your content...

When the algorhythms start to gather information, and see that you've used your keywords/phrase throughout your marketing campaign you will be credited with everything that you've created. and if done correctly this is how you can make first page rankings. If you're able to do this, Imagine how much FREE traffic you will get to your website... Remember that if you can do this successfully, you will still need to post something weekly just to keep your rankings... It doesn't have to be much, and also make sure to cross reference everything towards your blog., Articles, videos, etc.... These techniques are not hard to do, but you need to be consistent if you choose to market online. If you can take just half hour per day and do something you will eventually get those high rankings and be able to keep them. Some of my mentors have implemented these strategies and have 1st page rankings on google and are making millions of dollars with their business. remember, this is FREE traffic...

It may have taken them 6 months to get there, but it's well worth the effort... And as they've always told me, These techniques will never change and work every time, because everything you do is based around search engines... As for me, I choose to do very little online marketing because of the high volume of others also trying to make that 1 sale... You're competing with millions of people when you try to market online, and most opportunities don't tell you the proper ways to market, and that's not your fault... You've just been taught wrong... Do you know that right now 98.2% of all marketers are failing online, meaning that they are spending more than they're making. That's pretty bad!


*** The Home Business Industry Generates Approximately $427 Billion Dollars A Year!

*** 98.2% Fail To Make Money Online!

*** There Are Approximately 125,000 New Home Businesses Started Weekly!

*** Every 11 Seconds Someone Starts A Home Based Business!

*** There Are Over 20,000 Millionaires Through Internet Marketing!

*** There are 75,000 New Internet Users Daily!

*** For every 100 People That View Your Opportunities, It Is Said That You Are Doing Good If You Have At Least A 3% Conversion Rate!

***(As you can see, The People are out there, you just need to get your products/services in front of the masses In Order To Be Successful....Consistency Is The Key!!!

***{Top 5 Article Submission Sites}:

***1) www.ezineartilcles.com
***2) www.goarticles.com
***3) www.articledashboard.com
***4) www.searchwarp.com
***5) www.articlebase.com

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