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Friday, October 31, 2014

***Face Book Marketing Quick Tips*** {53}

***{Quick Tip On Marketing to "GROUP" Pages}:

Marketing On Face Book is something that every Internet Marketer should be utilizing...
I'm going to give you a couple of methods that I use pretty much on a daily basis, and
it doesn't cost anything to do...If you don't have a Face Book account, I suggest you
get one... ***(http://www.facebook.com). First I'm going to talk about Using "GROUPS PAGES..."

Once you're logged into your account, you can go to the search bar and type in any "GROUP"
that you want...Usually there is a "JOIN GROUP" button on the homepage...You need to
join as many "GROUPS" as possible, and wait for ADMIN to accept your request...

{Example}: If you type in "MLM" there will be several for you to choose from...

Please understand that there are probably hundreds for you to Join...Make sure once
you're accepted, that you read the "RULES," because without notice, you will be banned
from that particular "GROUP" for disobeying the rules...NOW you can post your content to the particular "GROUPS"

wall...What I like to do, I first thank them for accepting me to there "GROUP", and
then I usually post the link to my blog, and then I start going from "GROUP" to
"GROUP" and uploading one of my Banners, along with my URL...I can do this on about
20 "GROUPS" everyday, and it only takes about 15 minutes or so...If you have really
cool looking Banners, you may even get people to comment,and you can take it from
there...Do this everyday, and you the potential sign ups are limitless! Try it, you
might like it...
***{Quick Tip Using News feeds/Sports Pages}:                   

Another quick tip is to try sending a "FRIEND" Request to your local News team,
and once they post about all the different stories in the "NEWS", you click on
the link within the article, and Make a comment on the story, usually at the bottom
of the page...Sometimes you may have to create an account, but in most cases you
won't...What you want to do, comment on as many as you can find, and once you've
made your post, slip your URL/link at the bottom of the article for everyone to see!

You can even do this with "SPORTS" pages...I'm a huge Dallas Cowboy fan, and I'm
always interacting with other fans by posting things about my team, and I always
either slip my URL/link in there...

If you need help looking for "GROUPS", please contact me, and I will send you some
of the ones that I use!!!

>>> My PAGE: ***(http://www.facebook.com/rick.brier)

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