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Friday, October 31, 2014

***The 10 Commandments Of Marketing*** {64}

***Follow these proven steps, and theirs no limits to what you can achieve!...

***The Ten Commandments of Marketing:...

***Thou shalt look at the customers interest before thy own.
***Thou shalt enjoy the thrill of success. And learn lessons from failure.
***Thou shalt listen before thou speaks.
***Thou shalt honor the product (it can be you) and nurture it until it grows.
***Thou shalt immerse thyself in thy customers' wants and needs
***Thou shalt wallow in the beauty of ideas.
***Thou shalt use the tools of emotion in every sale.
***Thou shalt not immerse thyself in self-pity.
***Thou shalt blaze trails to the customer.
***Thou shalt respect thyself and thy abilities.

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