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Friday, January 10, 2020

*** 42 Ways To Get More Leads To Your Small Business *** {350}

Here are 42 simple ways to get more leads. 

1. Flea markets (Every town has these)
2. Facebook (Over a billion users)
3. Cheap Classified Ads (I have around 2000 FREE sites)
4. Business Cards (Vista Print sometimes has specials)
5. Networking Events
6. Twitter (I have 100, 140 character ADS that you can use)
7. YouTube (This is one of the best FREE methods)
8. Linkedin (This is a complete goldmine - highly recommended)
9. Instagram
10. Set up at local events (Shopping Malls have these all the time)
11. Craigslist (Small FEE involved here)
12. Fishbowl
13. Email Signature 
14. Drop Cards (Vista Print)
15. Banner Ad Advertising
16. Pay Per Click (Be very careful with this unless you're experienced)
17. Solo Ads (Udimi.com is probably the best site to get Solos)
18. Car Magnet (Vista Print)
19. Wear a Button (Vista Print)
20. Clothing, Hats, Shirts (Vista Print)
21. Door Hangers
22. Newsletter Advertising
23. Referrals
24. Prospecting (I use Facebook/Messenger)
25. Reverse Advertising
26. Postcard Marketing (Vista Print)
27. Radio Ads (Very Expensive)
28. Guest Blogging 
29. Podcasting
30. Radio Interviews
31. Public Speaking
32. Yard Signs (Create your own, or you can use Vista Print)
33. Fish bowl
34. Blogging (This is a big part of my success)
35. Billboards (Expensive)
36. Home Parties
37. Three Foot Rule
38. Joint Venture with local business (Ask if you can leave Business Cards)
39. Yard Sales
40. Word Of Mouth (The best form of advertising period)
41. Fiverr.com (Pay $5 and let others advertise for you)
42. Stuffing Envelopes (Send a business card in all of your bills or mailings)

These are just the first few things that came to mind.  You don't have to use all of these strategies, nor should you.  Just pick a few that make sense to you and focus on those. Most of these are FREE methods, and or very inexpensive. 

=> https://rbrier2323.blogspot.com/2019/09/how-to-upgrade-to-digisoft-payliner-331.html 


"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit."
-- Conrad Hilton

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