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Monday, October 27, 2014

***BlinkWeb Tutorial*** (How to set- up unlimited FREE capture pages for your opportunities) {31}

***If you want to create Websites with content for your Online business, you can go to... www.blinkweb.com... You can create as many sites as you want, at your convenience... Blinkweb is 100% FREE to use, so you never have to pay to create websites for your business... I'm going to give you step by step instructions on how to use your Blinkweb site. (All Links are just EXAMPLES)

***1) Go to www.blinkweb.com and create an account... (Username, Password, E-mail Address, Agree to terms) START BUILDING

***2) After you create your FREE account, you will receive a conformation E-mail with your login details.

*** 3) Once logged in (Username, Password) Scroll down to bottom of page, and watch the 5 day getting started videos.

*** 4) Once you have watched all the videos and understand them, Scroll up to the top of the page where it says "MY WEBSITES", and click the green box that says "CREATE A NEW SITE".

*** 5) Then you can click the button that says "TRANSFER DOMAIN NAME" and you will be asked to create your blinkweb domain name... The name you choose isn't that important... It will be the link people can click when going to your blinkweb site... Here's my blinkweb site name (http://rickpowerline100. blinkweb.com)

***6) Next you will be asked what type of website you would like to create... Sales Letter style website Content style website Blog style website At the side of each site you can click the "LEARN MORE" button, and it will explain what each site means... For mine i used the sales letter website... After you decide which site is best for you, click "NEXT".

***7) Next enter a title for your website, and click "NEXT".

*** 8) After your info is saved , you can begin creating content for your site... If you have any problems, go to the top right of page and click "VIDEO TUTORIAL" Their are short videos for each section... Using editor tools Adding widgets Adding pages & blogs Adding layouts and Templates

***9) After watching this section of tutorials, go to the top left side of page and click on "EDITOR TOOLS"... Their will be several drop down boxes for you to use for your site... Just pick what you want to start with, click/hold down left mouse button, and drag whatever you're using over to the right side of the page, and it will light up in red. Let off the mouse, and then your box is ready for adding content.

***10) Double click left side of mouse, then backspace to erase whats their, and start typing your content... I just scrolled right down the page in order of links when i did my page... remember to hold mouse and drag for each section you do.

*** 11) When you're totally finished, you can then click the "SAVE & VIEW WEBSITE" at the top of the page... If you like how it looks, click the "PUBLISH BUTTON"... If you should want to add content or delete, All the buttons are their for you to use...

I hope I've explained this function well enough for my team members to understand, but if for any reason you should still need help, please feel free to contact me... These links are just Examples.....

***http://rickpowerline100. blinkweb.com. (AND BLINKWEB IS 100% FREE!!!)

links: ***http://rickpowerline100. blinkweb.com

***http://www.powerprofitcenter. biz My URL:

***http://www.powerline100.com/ memtrak.php?id=1276

*** www.facebook.com/rick.brier ...                                                                         




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