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Monday, October 27, 2014

***Aweber Tutorial*** (Step- By - Step on how to set - up your Autoresponder) {30}


Below is a step by step tutorial on setting up and using your Aweber Autoresponder for your PowerLine100 business campaign....

***1) Go to www.aweber.com and create an account.

***2) After you create your $1 account, you will be sent a confirmation E-mail with your login details. (*Note: Aweber charges a $1 fee for the first 30 days, and $19.99 a month there after... you have 4 credit card options to purchase from.

***3) Once logged in (Username, Password), go to "ESSENTIAL INFORMATION" and create your campaign account... You only have to set this up 1 time... Here is what mine looks like.this will give you some kind of idea on how to set it up.... -List Name: rickspowerline -List Description: Thank you for coming to my website!... -From Name: Rick Brier -Contact Address: 5105 US HWY 41 Terre Haute In. 47802 (*Note: It's ok if you use a fake address because it's really not important for people to know your mailing address... COMPANY BRANDING: -Company Name: PowerLine100 -Website URL: http://www.powerprofitcenter. biz -Logo: http://www.powerline100.com/ memtrak.php?id=1276 -E-mail Signature: Contact E-mail: ricksnetbiz@gmail.com Name: Rick Brier To your success!

***4) Scroll down the page and click the green "SAVE LIST SETTING BUTTON"

***5) Then click step 2, scroll down and click "SAVE LIST SETTING BUTTON AGAIN" (That will allow you to receive messages from aweber) *AND IF YOU NEED HELP THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS, THERE IS A "LETS GET STARTED BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE, THAT WILL EXPLAIN THINGS IN DETAIL, OR CONTACT ME AND I WILL HELP GET YOU SET-UP! REMEMBER, YOU'RE NEVER ALONE!!!!! After you finish setting up your campaign details, you can start creating your campaign messages by clicking on the "MESSAGES" button at the top of the page. there will be a drop down box, and then you can click on the "FOLLOW UP" link.

*** 6) Next, click the green box that says "+ADD NEW FOLLOW UP MESSAGE"

***7) Next you will see two boxes, "HTML MESSAGE", and below that you will see a box labeled "PLAIN TEXT MESSAGE"... (*Note: always choose the HTML box for your messages.

*** 8) Now you're ready to start creating your campaign messages, first type in your subject of your in the subject box... (*Note: You can use my messages, or create your own, and you can make as many or as little as you want... Right now i have created 7 of them. Just remember that if you use mine, to change some of the info to your details.

***9) When finished scroll to the bottom of page and click "GREEN PREVIEW BUTTON" This will allow you to see what your message looks likes... If you're satisfied with your message, you can click "SAVE MESSAGE" and you've completed your first message of your powerline 100 campaign.

*** 10) Next scroll up to the top of the page, and click the "TEST" button,and a box will appear for you to type in your E-mail address, then click "SEND TEST"... The message that you just created will be sent to your E-mail address to view, and to see what it will look like when others receive them... (*Note: You can always go back at anytime to edit your messages... Just make sure that after completion of each message, you click "SAVE MESSAGE" button at the bottom of the page... -I hope I've explained how to set-up your powerline100 message campaign... remember, if you need any help, you can contact me at anytime... (THE LINKS ABOVE ARE JUST EXAMPLES)

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