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Saturday, February 20, 2021

*** By The Numbers - MLM (Looking @ A New Set Of #'s) *** {511}

 πŸ’›In a previous post I was showing what the numbers looked like if you reached out to 10 people per day for 12 months, and in this post we are going to break down the numbers if you were to double that amount and reach out to 20 people per day for 12 months.

I know this sounds like a lot, but you can literally make contact in about 2 hours or less per day if you're a good time manager.

So you make contact with 20 people per day for 12 months, which breaks down to 140 per week, and that equates to 560 per month. Over a year, that's 6,240 people that you've made contact with.

Now let's say that of the 6,240, 10% of those people want more info, so you get them a presentation. That's 624 people that are now looking at what you have to offer. 

Next you have 50% of those people wanting a phone appointment with you, and that equates to 312 people.

Let's say that after making contact with your prospects, you have 5% of them that like what you have to offer, and decide to upgrade under you as an affiliate. (This is a very low %. I'm trying to be very conservative with my example.) 

You now have 15-16 new affiliates, and again this is a very conservative number. This could be closer to 30.

I happen to know that most top earners have recruited between 50-150 people. 

In one years time, you just possibly recruited about 1/5 of what most top earners have over time. You do this consistently for a few years, and you're well on your way to top earners status. 

It doesn't take thousands of people anymore to build a huge profitable online business. 

If you look at the numbers, it's actually pretty amazing what you can accomplish in a years time if you're persistent and not quit when things get tough.

You can work an online business part time while you're working that 9-5 job, and who knows, maybe within 5-10 years, you can FIRE your boss, and live the American dream! 

- "The difference between must and should is the life you want, and the life you have" - Tony Robbins.



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 “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” – Fred Devito

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