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Saturday, July 25, 2020

*** Quick Tips On Over Coming Objections *** {420}

When prospecting you will experience a lot of objections, and I don't care who you are, including me. Here are just a few that I've heard, and some advice on how to over come your prospects objections:

I don't know many people:

Anyone can become a part of your team - Could be your next door neighbor, a co-worker, your bank teller, etc...With Network Marketing you don't need a ton of people in order to be successful! Be honest, and confident in yourself. You only need to find a handful of like minded individuals, and they can actually help you build your business if you have a good company compensation plan! 

My friend tried and failed:

A lot of people try and fail in Network Marketing. Just because you may happen to know someone who had negative things to say about it, and failed. There could be a number of reasons why. No matter if it was their fault or not. You're different from your friend, and just because they didn't succeed, that certainly doesn't mean that you won't. If you join me @ DigiSoft Payline, I can personally GUARANTEE your success, as long as you put forth effort, and don't quit! You must be coachable, and be able to devote at least 1-2 hours daily developing your craft!

I need to think about it:

You can think about it until the cows come home, but for everyday you sit on the fence, it's going to be that much longer to achieve your success. You might miss out on your next rock star, so you can't wait, for success, you have to go get it! When you join a company, they are giving you the ability to resolve some of life's problems, such as financial freedom, time, and education!

I don't have time:

By starting now, you are creating a long term residual income, and the time used now, will only bring more time and freedom later in life. Marketing is one of the only professions that will create a long term residual income! We all have busy lives, and a very high percentage of people hate their jobs, and would rather be able to spend more time with family, or doing whatever it is you enjoy. Life is too short, and you all deserve a better way of life!

I don't have the money:

The initial investment to join an MLM company is between $200-$250 to become a distributor. Far less than owning a brick and mortar business obviously. DigiSoft Payline only costs $57 1 time, and by contacting me directly, I can get you in @ an even greater discount. Think about all the money you spend on food, electric, rent/mortgage, gas, etc... Wouldn't it be nice to join an online opportunity so you were able to purchase that luxury car you've been wanting, or that vacation you've been wanting to take the family on. Or if nothing else, how about the nest egg you will leave behind for your kids? That is my why... What is yours? 

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