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Friday, January 13, 2017

*** What You Want Is What You Shall Receive, Love, The Genie In You *** {215}

What You Want Is What You Shall Receive, Love, The Genie In You

We’re all guilty of thinking we don’t deserve what we truly want, at some points in our lives. Essentially, we think too highly of our visions and goals at times. But, really, we deserve everything we envision for ourselves. Our goals, are design points for our lives. And, you are your own designer, so make of your life/goals, whatever you desire. You are your own personal genie in a sense.

Want it, need it, get it.  

We’re socialized to think that we have to work that 9-5 job every single day. We’re programmed to think that the right thing to do is to wake up, clock in, and do the same work each and every day of our lives. So, what is socially correct, is to basically be a robot that enjoys monotony. But, no one needs to live by these standards. There is no contract that you sign as an adult that binds you to this form of making a living. So, why are so many people conformed to it? It’s because people set subconscious limitations to what they truly desire to do for a living. It’s like having a nightmare while we sleep. We don’t make ourselves have the nightmare. It just happens because our minds are more powerful then we are. So, here’s what you do….you take that almighty mind of yours, and tell it what you really want in a career. Then, the “nightmare”, will become a dream turned reality. 
Everyone has that inhibited career goal within them. They may think it would take too long to get there, or it’d be too risky, or perhaps others wouldn’t buy into your business idea. Scary, right? But, you know what is scarier? Never taking that chance. Never pushing yourself to start your own business, and bring your creativity and ideas into fruition. Never ever knowing what could have been a true success story….that is very scary. 

We get just one chance at this life.

We all grow to have different ideas and inspirations that make us unique and different from every single other person on this planet. We are individuals that can each offer the world different types of expertise, products, services, etc. Our minds are like no one else’s. So, that alone should be reason enough to believe that your business idea will work. That unique mind of yours, created a concept that no other person has. It’s your idea, your passion, your dream, your goal, so make it happen. No one else has the power to make it happen.

You are your own genie 

Your vision, your career goals, and your dream life, can only be determined by your efforts. No one else can push you better than yourself. It’s your job to lead yourself towards the road of entrepreneurial success. The task is simple. Don’t let your mind be captured by the norms of society. Knock them down. And do only what is beyond your expectations and theirs’. The result is a self made, genie who made their career goals come true. 

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