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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

***3 Advertising Tips Using BackPage*** {43}

***Backpage has been a means of serious revenue for savvy marketers that have taken advantage of this valuable resource... Follow these three simple tips to make it work for you:

***1. Keep the headline and body of your ad vague... The best ads do not sell... You are making a huge mistake if you try to promote a product or service in your ad headline or body... A good ad will grab someone's attention and create a tremendous amount of curiosity that will drive them to your capture page. ***If you try to sell your product or service in the ad headline or body, the prospect will have enough information to make a decision and that decision will usually be to move on to something else... The goal of your ad when using backpage should be to have them follow your link back to your capture page.

***2. Include an image in your ad... Studies have shown that ads with images have a higher click rate... It is also helpful to hyperlink the image so that when a prospect clicks on the image in your ad they will be directed to your capture page...

***3. Brand yourself. ***Placing effective ads on backpage can result in massive traffic to your capture page... But if your capture page is a generic, company self-replicated website, your income results might be average at best... After all, why should a prospect buy from you if they can find thousands of sites exactly like yours? ***Your capture page should be more about who you are and what you can do for them... You will increase your sales by branding yourself as an expert in your field... Sell yourself. Show people how they can succeed by working with you... You are unique and have special qualities that nobody else does.


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