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Sunday, August 9, 2020

*** 20 Ways To Generate More Leads To Your Business *** {424}

 I'm going to share 20 Ideas in order to generate more leads. I'm sure you can think of more, this was just off the top of my head. Just pick 2-3 things, and try those.

1) Create a Linkedin account - (It's FREE to use! It's a goldmine for business owners, and opportunity seekers!)

2) Create a Twitter account. FREE to use - (I have 140 character ADS you can use for any small business!)

3) Create a YouTube channel. FREE to use - (You can make as many quick videos about whatever you like, and get a lot of traffic to your websites!)

4) Post on Facebook - (Be careful with this because Facebook frowns on MLM or business opportunities. I lead with value, versus posting a link to a video!)

5) Leave blog comments - (When you go to peoples blog, and read them, you can leave a comment, and even give a link to your company website video!)

6) Mail Postcards - (Unless you have some money set aside for advertising, I would leave this alone until you do because this can be quite pricey!)

7) Car Magnet/Stickers - (You can get these through Vista Print, and sometimes you can find some great deals. Not expensive, and you can put them on your vehicle where ever you go!)

8) Create an E-mail signature - (This is something you create that goes out to all your E-mails and you can post your website links with your message!)

9) Yard Sign - (You can create these yourself, very inexpensive way to advertise!)

10) Send Samples - (If you have extra products, you should give samples because it will only benefit your business!)

11) Wear Shirts with your company logo - (For around $20-$25 you can probably purchase a cheap T-Shirts, and have your company log/website on it!)

12) Purchase Leads - (Be careful with this one, and do your due diligence before purchasing anything. A large % of purchased leads will be cold, and passed around even though they may tell you otherwise!)

13) Advertise In the newspaper - (Keep the ADS short, that will save you some money, and you will need to do this month after month for awhile in order to build momentum!) 

14) Ask friends for referrals - (Most people have at least 500 friends on Facebook, and can give you a list of just a few. before you know it, you have thousands of potential prospects for your business opportunities!)

15) Do a Home Party - (Again your friends, have friends, who may be interested on what you're offering!)

16) Leave comments on forums - (There are hundreds if not thousands of forums online, and you can be a problem solver to peoples problems. Slide your website link under your post!)

17) Set up local events - (Word of mouth is the number way to advertise anything!)

18) Get Business cards - (Always carry business cards on your person so whenever you meet people, you can give them your card, or leave them when you go places such as Restaurants!)

19) Write Articles for Directories online - (I have a blog post on how to write great articles. make sure to slide your links at the bottom of your post!)

20) Visit flea markets and hand out flyers/business cards - (Very inexpensive. You can create a flyer from your PC for nothing, and vista print has deals all the time where you can create your business cards for around $10 for 250!)

- A lot of these can be created from your local print store, or (www.vistaprint.com)

=> https://rbrier2323.blogspot.com/2020/04/digisoft-payline-q-376.html 


Ray Kroc Was 53 when he bought the McDonalds Franchise and took it to unprecedented levels.

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