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Thursday, June 25, 2020

*** 27 Tips To Grow Your MLM Business *** {407}

Here are 27 tips that can help you grow your MLM business, and possibly help you learn from some of the mistakes that I made when I first started back in 2006. They are in no particular order.

1) It's best to start out on the right foot, so you won't have to start over.

2) Do your due diligence, and pick a good company, and stick with it for at least a couple years. If it turns out to be a dud, make sure you find another company, and get it right this time.

3) Make sure to sponsor at least a couple new reps every month. (No excuses!)

4) People join people, and not businesses, so work on yourself, so you are someone worth joining. (personal development, and skills)

5) The winner is the person that makes the most exposures.

6) Remove yourself from the equation, and always use third party tools.

7) Act like you have a million dollars in your business, and only have a couple years to earn it back.

8) Set an example for your team, and inspire them by your actions. Be the type of person you want to sponsor.

9) Success = activity + skills + time.

10) People are the real product. We build people, who in turn builds the business.

11) Keep your business so simple that an 8 year old can do it. Anyone can complicate it.

12) Follow the lead of your successful mentor, and do what they suggest. (learn from their mistakes)

13) The average person needs 7-20 follow ups before making the decision to join. The fortune is always in the follow up.

14) Never use pressure or hype tactics. Your prospect is a prospect for life, until they buy, join, or die.

15) Work with the willing. They must be coachable, and hungry for success. You can't make anyone successful, they have to want it.

16) Once you sponsor someone, the best thing you can do for them, is to help them sponsor their first person. 

17) In order to build at least a six figure income, you only need two to five leaders within your company.

18) Normally your best people are the one's that show up in depth. Make sure to work through the people you sponsor. Even a dud can lead you to a stud.

19) There are only 2 activities in which you get paid, and those are, recruiting, and retailing. Everything else is considered busy work. Don't confuse busy work with income producing activities.

20) Promote events like your success depends on it. (which it does). Make sure to attend every event that you can.

21) Do something everyday to grow your business. Treat it at least a seriously as you do your job. Starting and stopping will kill your business, so be consistent, and persistent. 

22) Stay with one company for at least several years. Sponsor a few distributors, service a few customers, support your team, and use the products. Repeat the process over and over.

23) Your business is the easiest if you build it quickly, and the hardest when you build it slowly.

24) Don't promote multiple deals, or jump from company to company, because you will lose money, and momentum, along with credibility. Stay the course, and only switch companies if you have no other choice. (stick it out)

25) Do a 90 day challenge, it's the easiest way to build momentum. Momentum is hard to get and easy to lose. Double your momentum if you have to, and ride it as long as possible. This is an industry of momentum.

26) Depth is where the big money is at. When building your team, about 75% or more will come from level 5 and below. This will give you long term residual income. Always build depth. When sponsoring quickly, it will give you quick money.

27) Realize that no one cares about your business as much as you do. You don't need an upline to be successful, instead you need a downline. Take complete responsibility of your business, and don't blame your upline for not helping like you want them to.


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”― Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice

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