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Monday, March 23, 2020

*** How To Post "ADS" Using Craigslist (Stats Below) *** {373}

Where in Craigslist to Post Ads

There are ONLY TWO sections to post ads in to get good responses… 

The Gigs/Computer section
The Jobs/Sales section

That’s it.

If you are on a very tight marketing budget, then the Gigs/Computer section will cost you only $5 - $7 an ad, depending on the city.

You will get a lot of responses (using the "AD" on the next page!) in that section.  People will reply back to you, and you will respond back to them using the (Script on the next page. Click the link directly below)

=> https://rbrier2323.blogspot.com/2020/03/craigslist-ad-hundreds-per-day.html

Now… I must admit, you get a much higher quality of people in the Jobs/Sales section of Craigslist. 

In the Gigs/Computer section, it’s been my experience that many people reply, but also many people don’t have the money to join.  Many of them are just looking for a quick gig to make money. 

But marketing is a numbers game, so the more responses you get, the better your chances to attract someone who likes what they see and has the money to join your team.

The Strategy for Posting Ads

You can post in ANY city in the U.S.

You want to choose only medium to large size cities.  Not small cities.  The larger cities for Gigs/Computers will be $7 an ad.  The smaller cities will be $5 an ad.  You will see the ad price once you choose a city to post in.

For Jobs/Sales ad, it is $20 for smaller cities, $25 for medium cities and up to $35 for large cities.

When you go into either section for a city, take notice of how many ads per day are there. The point is that you want YOUR ad to show for at least several days.  So you don’t want to pick a city where there are a TON of other ads from the same day, because within a day or so, Your ad will be way down there.

On the other hand, you don’t want to pick a city where there are hardly any ads for each day or worse yet, where there are some days that have no ads.  You will not get much action in those kinds of cities.

So find cities that have several ads per day (but not too many) and post there.

Once you have chosen a city, copy and paste what i send,  carefully following the Craigslist prompts along the way, and then pay the fee.


You want YOUR ad to stand out amongst the others in the listings, and here is how you do that…

Put an emoji in the very beginning of your title.

You can get great emojies here:

Scroll down to the Animals and Nature section.  Pick one of the gold color symbols like the gold star, or fire, or lightning bolt, or smiley sun. (Optional)

Copy that emoji and paste it at the very beginning of your title.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT step that will make your ad stand out in the listings. I also Market to Job seekers in the Resume section at the bottom of the page. (See link above for the exact "AD" I use)

Craigslist Statistics
  • 60 million users Tweet 
  • 50 billion page views per month.
  • 13 languages.
  • 80 million ads.
  • more than 1 million job listings.
  • 200 million postings.
  • 100 forums.
  • 40 Craigslist employees.


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