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Saturday, April 4, 2015

***Marketing Tips: FaceBook/Closing Prospects (5 Sections)*** {194}

6 Tips for Building on Facebook
  1. Never say the name of your company or product
  2. Use the curiosity approach and share testimonials, lifestyle pictures, etc., your goal is to get people to contact you first
  3. Leverage friends of friends, if you have 400 friends and they each have 400 friends, that is 160,000 potential prospects
  4. Never tag people about the business or product
  5. Create your own group about the benefits of your products or services (i.e. a weight loss group if you sell weight loss products)
  6. Use Facebook to network, not to sell; meet people and then take the relationship offline (phone, in person or SKYPE)
5 Ways to Retain More Customers
  1. Stay in touch frequently, at least twice per month
  2. Use hand written thank you notes to show appreciation
  3. Create a loyalty program to encourage repeat purchases
  4. Send out a monthly newsletter via the postal service, not email
  5. Remember birthdays and special days

How to Close More Prospects
  1. Always ask for the sale, in every conversation
  2. The fortune is in the follow up, most people won't buy until the 5th-10th follow up
  3. You must lead people to a decision, they will not make one on their own
  4. Fear of loss is the best motivator, tell them what they have to lose by not signing up on the spot
  5. Offer them a special incentive for signing up today
  6. Tell them ALL the reasons they should join your team and what they get by doing so
6 Things to Look for in a Prospect
  1. You want someone with credibility, resources and contacts
  2. You want someone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired
  3. You want someone who is entrepreneurial minded
  4. You want someone who is coachable, has the desire to change their life and is willing to work
  5. You want someone who has influence with other people
  6. You want someone with a good attitude and smile; someone who genuinely likes people
5 Ways to Help Your Team
  1. Lead from the front, set the example and do the things you want them to do
  2. Share the vision with your team every time you talk
  3. Recognize their activity, not just their achievements
  4. Have contests all the time
  5. Create a strong team culture that they are excited to be a part of

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