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Thursday, March 12, 2015

***Some Reasons Why Internet Marketers FAIL!*** {183)

Making money online and building a hugely successful online business is the dream for many…
And the rich speak of how easy it can be to earn riches online.

… But if that’s the case, why do 97% of newbies FAIL?

Here are 5 reason why:

1. They Focus On Selling Low-Ticket Products & Systems:
I have learnt this lesson myself. Selling low-ticket items is never going to make you rich fast.
It’s simple…
It’s just as EASY selling a $2000 product than selling a £20 product.
This really is the case.
So when you look at it that way, what would you rather spend your time selling?…
The high-ticket product. Of course.
My advice would be to focus your efforts on selling a high ticket item that will help you make the money you need to really start the snowball effect.

2. They lack focus:
Again, this is something nearly everyone suffers with online. And it’s because making money online is SO EXCITING.
It’s like a child getting a whole bunch of new toys. That child is not going to know what toy to play with first, there’s just too many of them.
This is the same for internet and network marketers. There are so many different programs, products and systems that all claim to be the best thing since sliced bread, and instead of picking one, they will choose five. This is a recipe for disaster.
My advice would be to find a product or system that you really like and focus on selling that, because there is far more to selling than just, “hey, do you want this?” and that’s why you need focus, so you can find out what it’s going to take in order to get the sale.

3. They Sell An Opportunity and Not Themselves:
One of the biggest mistakes that most newbies make, is they sell a product or an opportunity etc.
This is wrong.
Let me explain…
What I mean is, you NEED to be selling YOU, NOT the product or opportunity.
You need to market YOU before you market the product.
You need to go out in your market place and provide value to your prospective customers.
Give away free stuff, like videos, audios or a report, etc.
You need to make people think, “Damn! who is this person? They really know their stuff!”
Doing such things will build YOU an authoritative image, and FAST!
And when you have built an authoritative image, people will then want to work with you NO MATTER what opportunity or product you’re promoting.

4. They give up:
I have failed many times online BUT I NEVER quit… And that’s why I’ve succeeded.
Quitting doesn’t save you from failure – it only STOPS you from succeeding.
If I had given up when I had started, I don’t know where I’d be in my life…
But because I didn’t, I’m now living my dream lifestyle, and I ONLY have myself to thank because I NEVER gave up.
Here is a quick way to reposition what you may perceive as failure…
“Failure is NOT failure. It is merely the elimination of what’s NOT working”.

5. They don’t find a mentor:
One of the biggest turning points was when I found myself a mentor. Someone I trusted, someone that was earning the sort of income I wanted to earn, someone who could help me avoid mistakes before they occurred.
Finding a mentor is an absolute MUST.
You need to be able to follow someone’s guidance and learn from their mistakes so you don’t have to make them.
So find someone who’s achieving what you want, and COPY what they’re doing.

To Your Success,

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