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Friday, January 2, 2015

***Why "GETTING" a job is a bad idea*** {162}

There’s so much discussion about the struggle for folks to find work, to get a job. And beyond that how can we expect to find something we truly love to do that will also pay the bills?

first, let’s highlight the mindset that is holding so many back. Ask yourself, does this sound familiar?
“I need to GET a job.”
“I need to GET money.”

“I need to GET customers/clients.”
The problem with this approach — the “getting” approach — is that it’s focus is solely on one thing. You getting something.
People — you and me and everyone else — pay for what they value. And most importantly, we are compensated when we provide that value.
But the opposite is true when we are taking or getting. Go ahead and read that last sentence again. I’ll wait.
So what if?

What if instead of looking to GET paid for being told what to do we looked for ways to PROVIDE value?

Then the next question is…
How do we provide value?
We provide value when we…
— Solve a problem or provide a solution to a problem
— Save someone (or an organization) time, energy or money
When we’re solely focused on “getting” for ourselves then we’re listening for orders. It’s the voice that yells…
“Just tell me what to do!”

In that mindset we’re not listening for opportunities — for problems to solve, for time/energy/money to save.
We’re not aware of the squeaky wheels that need grease. We’re not aware of the opportunities masquerading as complaints from others.
So let’s define your professional value.

Spend some time listening. What are the problems out there that need solutions? How could you help someone (or an organization) save more time, energy and/or money?

How could the solutions to these challenges overlap with something you enjoy doing?

Beyond that, how could these solutions be meaningful and truly beneficial to others besides yourself?

This is the path to providing true value. And it may be easier to do than simply finding orders to follow.

Think of it this way. There are two guys competing for the same gig. One guy is waiting to be told what to do. The other is taking the initiative, finding opportunities to improve a situation.

Which one would you hire?

And when things get lean again — and they will — the guy who provides true value won’t be waiting to ‘get’ something. His trained awareness will find a way to provide it.
And people pay for what they truly value.


“AMBITION is the path to success. PERSISTENCE is the vehicle you arrive in.” - Bill Bradley

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