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Friday, January 30, 2015

***26 Interesting Facts About Digital Marketing*** {171}

26 interesting facts about digital marketing:

Opti mind has developed a list of 26 interesting facts about digital marketing, complete with a related info graphic.
See the list and info graphic here. Some might surprise you, some you may already be aware of. We also have summarized them on this page for you to take in along with a cup of coffee:

Email Marketing-
The amount of e- mail that that is opened on smartphones and tablets has increased by 80% globally in the last 6 months.

Average yield for email marketing is $44.25 for every dollar spent.

85% of people would rather provide their e-mail for an e-book than a tweet.
Blogs and Content Marketing
Blogs give websites more indexed pages and more indexed links.

Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchasing decisions than newspapers.

Companies that blog more than about 15 times per month, get 5 times more traffic.

The average length of text on a page that ranks in the top 10 position is 2000 words.

If a post is longer than 1,500 words, it gets 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook likes on average.

Posts with a title length of 10 to 18 words get more links.

Articles with photos get 94% more page views.

Companies using info graphics grow in average of 12%.

Companies are experiencing 55% increase in sales leads after increasing the number of pages on your site from 10 to 15.

Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 86%.

Videos get 267% more links than usual posts.

58% of your audience will stop watching your video within the first 90 seconds.

Video can keep your prospects on your website up to 2 minutes longer on average.

20 % of visitors will read the text on a page, while 80 % of them will watch a video with the exact same content.

Viewers remember 58% of what they see, but only 10% of what they read.

Websites with video are 50 times more likely to rank on Google's first page.

A consumer sees a product video is up to 144% more likely to add product to cart.

Online shopping-
67% of consumers say that the quality of images of a product image is important in the selection and purchase of the same.

Consumers who receive e- mail marketing from you spend 83% more when they shop.

Consumers who receive e- mail marketing from you order 28% more often than others.

Personal email improve CTR by 14% and the conversion rate of 10%.

The average consumer reads 11 different reviews along the way to completing the purchase.

Average CTR of banner advertising is 2.1%.

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