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Saturday, December 13, 2014

***Do Traffic Exchanges Work Anymore?*** {146}

Traffic Exchanges – Do they Work any More for Anything?

If there’s one question I probably hear more than any other, it is, “Do traffic exchanges work any more? In fact, have they ever worked?” Traffic Exchanges - Do They Work?
The simple answer is, yes, and yes. They have always been useful, and they still are. There are two useful methods for getting traffic to your site that will probably never die, though they have been evolving steadily. One is banner advertising (more on that, another time) and the other is traffic exchanges (TE’s), like the one on Adlandpro and many others. The variety of style and type is almost endless.

The big mistake that most people make with traffic exchanges, which is why so many now say they don’t work, is actually using one or two TE’s to advertise their primary business. Never do that! The second thing people do is advertise an affiliate page on traffic exchanges. That also is a big mistake. A bunch of other people are doing the same thing.

What you want to do with traffic exchanges is to raise your profile on the search engines (especially Google.) You will not do this by joining a TE and advertising your business on it. In fact, that can drive your profile down.

What you need to do is join a lot of traffic exchanges and get a lot of people to join those TE’s under you. Treat them as a business in themselves, where the payout is traffic for you that grows on its own and sends traffic to your website from many different places. This can only happen if you build good downlines in as many as you can.

Cater to your market in order to be targeted to it. On TE’s the people want traffic, so that’s what to advertise. Find and advertise anything you can that is related to creating traffic and that will help build your downlines. By working steadily every day to build your downlines in as many of these sites as you can find, you will gradually build an unstoppable flow of traffic that is just waiting for you to really put it to work.

Of course, that brings up the other obvious question: “If TE’s work, how?” For some clear and simple steps that you can take to make traffic exchanges work for you, I’ve written the article, How to Make Traffic Exchanges Work for You.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, you’re dead. There is no one way or one “magic bullet” for getting traffic. The bottom line is, you need targeted traffic, and you need lots of it. Blogging, commenting on other forums and blogs, meeting and sharing on social media, email marketing, traffic exchanges, banner advertising, text marketing, and phone calls are all tools that work, but work best when combined.

Used every method you can to bring traffic to your website, including traffic exchanges, but above all, be consistent, create a plan and do it every day. Persistence beats brilliance and luck almost every time!

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