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Sunday, November 30, 2014

***What is Sokule, & How Can It Help Your Business?*** {136}

What is Sokule?

Sokule is a Social Media Site built for business. It looks and acts a lot like Twitter but that's where the similarity ends.

Sokule allows you to post your business message at Sokule and have it instantly appear on Twitter, Facebook and 29 other Social Media sites.

Unlike any other Social Media site that Sokule is aware of, Sokule pings the weblogs for you each time you post. This tells Google and other search engines where to find your new content. Now that's an awesome way to generate traffic.

Your posting page at Sokule is designed so you can establish your own business presence on the net. A place where you can add your own logo, graphics, videos, live links and more.
When someone comes to your Sokule postit page they can instantly see what your business is about.

Sokule is free to join but serious business people generally upgrade to use all of Sokule's applications and put the full power of Sokule to work for them.

Bottom Line.

Sokule is designed to make you money in two ways...

1. It helps you increase your own business sales.

2. You can earn commissions from people you introduce.

One-Click and You're done. Sokule does your advertising for you.

Is there a Minimum To Get Paid?

If you are listed paypal or alertpay as your payment method to receive commissions, there is not a minimum that you need to earn to get paid every Friday.
If you have chosen to be paid by check, there is a 25.00 minimum that must accrue in your account before it is a paid and there will be a 3.00 check fee deducted from any check paid to you. Your commissions will accrue until they reach 25.00 and then we will send you a check.


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