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Friday, November 14, 2014

***Step By Step Capture Page, Copy Writing Instructions*** {109}

As you know your layout can be the best looking but if your content
*(sometimes called Ad copy or Copy Writing) isn't up to par then you
have wasted your time getting your market to your website because they
will soon click away after reading the garbage on your page.

Remember, you have up to 3 seconds to attract the attention of a visitor
to your website... Here are a few Tips & Examples that will keep your readers
engaged in your dialog...

You want to write like your having a conversation with the reader. You do not
want them to feel like they are reading from an encyclopedia...

***1) Introduce yourself, talk about how you got into the business your marketing
and what makes you authority in the field. (how long have you been in the field)...
This will give the reader a human connection with someone they can't see...

You can split test using capture pages without pictures... You can also test the types
of pictures (professional or laid back)...

***2) Transition into the emotion. Behind why you had to come up with a product
or service...
*People will buy or signup to something based on Emotion... Emotion can cover
a wide range of feelings

{such as:

(Example: "After working a dead end job, and getting laid off after 15+
years, with a dwindling
savings account, and being a single parent, I had no other source of income..."
Because of the
Economy, I had no choice but to......"

Many people can relate to a story, and since people love stories you will have
them hooked,there
by overcoming the, "3 second to attract rule"... I Encourage you to
be honest, don't make up a story...
There are plenty of people that start an online business for the same reasons
as you, so don't think
you have to have a tear jerker to get results...

***3) Logic: After you get the reader Emotionally charged up, you must bring them
back down to the reality
of why signing up or purchasing your product is the right decision to make.
If you fail this step you
won't receive any purchases or sign-ups. You have to explain the logic behind
why your product
out performs your competition...
-When your justifying why your product is the best it is better to use
analogies rather
than simply stating facts...
*EXAMPLE: Instead of geico saying their product is "simple and easy to
use", they say
"It's so easy a caveman could do it"!

***4) Make it worth their while...Being an online Entrepreneur you have an advantage
over most big
businesses. You can give more free bonuses to entice your market... Now lets be
clear, your free
bonus has to be something worthwhile... If word gets out that your giving away
junk, your purchases
and sign-ups will drop off, before they start. Make sure your give away is a
quality product
relevent to your market...

***5) You have to stress urgency:

***6) Deliver on your promises: see #3. Your in business for longevity, there is
no better marketing
than "WORD OF MOUTH"! If you make promises and deliver it will get
around that your product,
service and support is high quality and you will start to see steadier flow
of traffic to your website.
On the flip side, If you make promises you can't keep then... well, you

When you set-up your capture page, you can type it in a program called (NOTE
TAB) and then transfer
it to your capture page, then start formatting it... (COLORS, FONT SIZE, QUOTES,
Then replace certain words with key words obtained from google's keyword
search tool that is relevent
to your market... then add (META TAGS, TITLE, DESCRIPTION, ETC.....)

You can then put your autoresponder sign-up box on the page. proof read it!
publish it to the web, read
it and sign up to test the autoresponder. then you can use google pay per clicks
(ppc) to get quick traffic
to page to see if content is what it should be...

You can even have someone else read it, just to see if they know what your intentions
or messages are...
If not ask them where on the page did they lose interest or the message...once
you have done it a few times
you will be able to pump out capture page content with little to no effort...
If you can write an enticing
capture page your online profits will only be limited to how many websites and
products in different
markets you can effectively service and support... Don't build your business
on bad information that.
comes across as Hyped-up, Shaky, and Deceitful.



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