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Friday, October 24, 2014

***Craigslist Tutorial*** {20}

***Craigslist is another media giant...I'm going to give you a few pointers...

They are very strict on the content that people post, and will ghost your ads without you knowing it...I have a way around that, but you have to do exactly what I tell you....Below is a step by step tutorial on how to post ads on Craigslist...Before getting started, you will need to create between 5-10 G-mail accounts....

{Follow These Steps}:

***1) After you've created your G-mail accounts, Sign-up for a Craigslist account using 1 G-mail address ***1 account= 3 ads per day

***2) Look for "PHONE VERIFIED", and then pick your location to place your ad...It doesn't matter where you post, as long as your 3 posts are in different cities...

***3) Next you will go to "SERVICES OFFERED", and then click on (small business ads)

*** 4) Next you will post the title of your ad, then your description, click continue, then type in any phone number that you have access to... once you send the ad, you will then receive an automated phone call within seconds of submitting your ad....All you need to do, is listen for the 5 digit code numbers, and submit them with your ad... you will see the box for this...after your ad is verified, you can post your next ad in a different city....

***Repeat the process for each ad, but no more than 3 ads per day... It's important that after you've posted your 3 ads for the day, that you wait for a couple of days before posting again...Make sure to use one of your different G-mail accounts, and a different phone number...You can use cell phones, neighbors phones, whatever phones that you can access...This will help to not get your ads ghosted....and to be seen.


if you're using 5 G-mail accounts, you will obviously need 5 different phone numbers....5 accounts will allow 15 postings....all I can say, is to be careful and follow my instructions...If you do get ghosted, and they delete you, then your other alternative is to go to( www.numbers.com )and you can actually purchase phone numbers...I've never had to do that, because this is only if you're banned... P.S. I hope I've helped you out...Craigslist is a massive place to advertise...people of all ages use that site...Also ,make sure to keep your E-mail address out of your ads...They consider that SPAM!


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