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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

***Marketing Tips: (Tools You Need For Your Business)*** {11}

 I hope you are doing well. 

I'd like to take about five minutes and just share some basic tools every network marketer should have in their arsenal.  These business tools are listed in no particular order. 

Drop Cards: This is a simple, inexpensive way to get more leads.  It's nothing more than a marketing message, with a few bullet points, and a call to action on card stock slightly bigger than a business card and smaller than a postcard.   

Business Cards: You should have a PROFESSIONAL looking business card, not something you do yourself.  Have it on heavy card stock, include a picture, and have all your contact information.  Rather than saying the name of your company on it, keep it generic.

Day Planner: I love my day planner.  I have one that lets me break down each day in 15-minute increments.  I think I bought mine at Wal-Mart for approximately $12. 

Capture Page & Auto-Responder: Even if you are building your business face to face, you still want a capture page and auto-responder.  Think of this as your contact manager.  You want a capture page so you can generate leads and you want an auto-responder so you can automate your follow-up process and stay in touch with people until they are ready to buy.   (Already have these with DigiSoft)

Samples: Depending on what type of product or service your company offers, you want some samples on hand, so when you talk with interested prospects you have something to give them. 

Cell Phone: Just about everyone has one already, but if you don't, consider getting one.

Customized Stationary: You can go to VistaPrint and have some custom stationary made with your name, photo, and contact information.  Use this for all your thank you cards.  It gives you a professional look.  Keep it generic and don't mention the name of your company.

Online Platform: You need an online platform.  It could be a blog, YouTube channel, podcast channel or Facebook group. This is where you will build your audience and following, so you can stay in touch with them.

Personal Library: Start building your own library with books and audio programs that teach you new skills.  Make it a point to read every day.  Read books that teach you new skills and uplift you and encourage you. 

Mentor: One of your most valuable business tools will be your own personal mentor.  It can be someone in your upline, crossline, or even someone in a different company. For what it's worth.

Elevator Speech: You definitely want your own elevator speech, which is nothing more than two or three concise statements about what you do, or your personal story.  This is what you will share with people when they ask you what you do. 

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