Sunday, November 30, 2014

***Posting ADS On Salesbuddie*** {137}

{Steps for Salesbuddie}

1) go to the site (
2) Click the "REGISTER" button and get signed up
3) Once signed up you will receive a conformation E-mail to confirm.
4) Now go back to site and post no more than 3 ads in 24 hour period.(Login)
5) Click the tab on top that says "classifieds"
6) Next a box will drop that says, "post classified" (Click on it)
7) then where it says "country" click that and put in any country that you want
8) Now you can click "state" and put in any state where you want your ads to go.
9) click "category" and then a drop down box will appear and you can click on "services"
10) Click "sub category" and another drop down box will appear, and you can click
on "marketing
12) Now you're ready to put in the "title" of your ad
13) paste, or type in the your ad in the body
14) scroll down and click "post ad"
15) Now your ad has been sent, now you need to go to your E-mail and you will be sent a
"confirmation" link to click so your ad will then go live, and then repeat the
process for the next ad!

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