Tuesday, March 21, 2017

*** How We Use Leverage to Earn More Money With The Same Effort *** {219}

How We Use Leverage to Earn More Money With The Same EffortShare

Show me anybody with a serious income and I will show you that they have people working for them to achieve it. They get leverage from their efforts by earning a piece from the effort of others. If we have a number of people working for us, this can add up quickly. There are two types of people working on the planet. Firstly, there are the employers, and secondly the people working for them. Employers leverage the effort of others. Workers work very hard but have a limit to what they earn because there is a limit to the number of hours they have in a day. The only way to increase your earning potential is to find a smart way to start earning from the effort of others. Otherwise you will always be limited by your most precious resource, time. Not to mention, if you want to earn a lot of money for your family it will be at the expense of the time you get to share with them.

True Leverage is Where Everyone Has the Same Amount to Gain

In a previous post, I shared that it is possible to bypass setup costs of starting a business and move into making sales the moment we start. This is much how selling real estate works. The product already exists, you simply help facilitate the transaction. However soon real estate agents realize the only way to leverage from the effort of others is to become a broker. This means I can train agents to work under me and for training them I get a percentage of everything they sell.
That sounds smart to me.
Here is the problem with this model. When the agent that I trained realizes that to get to the next level they too need to earn leveraged income through agents of their own. This is when the agent we trained breaks away from us and becomes a broker. Now not only did I lose a great agent earning me income but now I have a competitor that I trained. “True Leverage is Where Everyone Has the Same Amount to Gain by Working Together”

Comparing Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing: Which is Best?

In that previous post I raised your awareness of affiliate marketing. This is where we market someone else’s product, merchandise, or service without having to contribute to their setup costs. We also do not have to pay their warehousing, delivery, or bad debt either. We simply cruise along by making 10%, 20%, or even 30% from referrals.
Let’s it one step further, and look at network marketing.

Network Marketing is a Billion Dollar Industry

Electronics and robotics are going to take away our jobs as surely as fracking and green power are closing down coal mining as we speak. An increasing number of people are already working at home on their computers. The smart way is finding ways to leverage off the efforts not just your efforts but the efforts of others.
With Network Marketing not only do you get to earn commission from the sales you make but you earn commission from the agents you train. Much like a broker in the real estate model. Here is the big difference. Once you train an agent in network marketing they have no reason to leave you to become a broker, because everyone you train has the same opportunity you have and they start as a broker. So they have no reason to leave and become your competitor. In fact, the Network Marketing business model takes it a step further by not only continuing to give you a percentage of profit from your brokers but also from all the sales their agents make as well.This is true leverage with the opportunity to accumulate a staggering amount of people working for you who all have the same amount to gain by working together.
Your own efforts can only get you so far because you only have so many hours in a day, but when you earn a small piece from hundreds of people working under you, your earning potential becomes limitless because you are no longer limited by the number of hours you can physically work in a day.
This is a fair, ethical, and honest business where everybody has an equal opportunity. The supplier sells more products, and puts more money into the economy, the people you help to get started gain financial freedom and you get rewarded for each of their sales because you helped get them started.
It’s no wonder network marketing is growing as fast as it is.
Don’t you think it is time for you to take a look at what we have?

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Monday, February 13, 2017

*** How to Share Articles with Network Marketers to Grow Your Primary Business *** {218}

How to Share Articles with Network Marketers to Grow Your Primary Business

-Share it via direct facebook messages to your key team members

-Share in your team facebook group ( company marketing groups )
tip: use the #hashtag that your team is using or the #hashtag that your company uses to promote distributor trainings. (but don't use the main company #hashtag, that is for prospects that are not yet in Network Marketing)

-Share articles on Network Marketing Message Boards

-Share on LinkedIn Network Marketing Groups you are a member of to give them all 100 free leads for their primary business (if you are not a members of any groups, make it a mission to join a few groups on each social platform)

-Share on google+ with specific circles that are in your team or in groups that are focused on elevating their Network Marketing skills. 

-Share on twitter but only if you have followers that are in network marketing. Use the #hashtag that your team is using to promote training events. 

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Friday, February 3, 2017

*** Why I'll Never Go Back to the Office *** {217}

Why I'll Never Go Back to the Office

You must have probably heard about various benefits of working from home – right from being able to work in your PJs to all the money you save on gas. Is it lucrative? Undoubtedly attractive, but working from home has a lot more to offer you than you have thought about.
Here are a few ways how relaxation from daily office routine and working from home makes you feel blessed:

No Office, No Stress

There are significant advantages, besides the obvious, to a lifestyle that doesn’t involve the office. The myriad small stresses of being in an office slowly start making their absence felt. That gossipy co-worker who asks you for help only to keep chatting for the next half-an-hour is no longer a worry and distraction. No longer do you have to deal with office politics that take on the tone of a Hillary vs. Trump. You can get as many cups of coffee as you want without having to be bothered about the disapproving gaze of your manager.

Commute Less, Live More

There are other reasons, apart from the financial savings, that 44% of Forbes’ survey respondents listed not having to commute as a major benefit. You no longer arrive at work in a bad mood because of the stress of sitting in traffic for one or two hours, snarl at everyone and mess up your work. The time you save can be given over to the fitness program you have wanted to try out, the hobby classes you are interested in or even simply taking care of chores around the house. That also means that your weekend is free of the chaos that normally accompanies a life in which commute is king.

Your Schedule is Your Own

The quality of your work and your productivity may actually increase once you start working from home. A lot of work-from-home jobs come with a flexible schedule so you can set your own deadlines and work at a time that is convenient for you. For example, I’m not a morning person and getting up at the crack of dawn was wearing me out. Once I started working from home I could sleep in, and being a night owl, I had no problems working late in the night to complete my projects. It also means that you can schedule your time with friends, family and pets without having to worry about working late or getting stuck in traffic or even missing out on important events. As a bonus, household appointments, such as the pesky repairman who always shows up late, can be scheduled during a weekday without you having to take leave from work. You can decide which days you want off and plan that vacation to Hawaii well in advance.
Not every job allows you the freedom to work from home, but if you are seriously contemplating a change in lifestyle that allows you more time with your loved ones and less stress, you should at least consider the option. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the changes you see in your life.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

*** What You Want Is What You Shall Receive, Love, The Genie In You *** {216}

What You Want Is What You Shall Receive, Love, The Genie In You

We’re all guilty of thinking we don’t deserve what we truly want, at some points in our lives. Essentially, we think too highly of our visions and goals at times. But, really, we deserve everything we envision for ourselves. Our goals, are design points for our lives. And, you are your own designer, so make of your life/goals, whatever you desire. You are your own personal genie in a sense.

Want it, need it, get it.  

We’re socialized to think that we have to work that 9-5 job every single day. We’re programmed to think that the right thing to do is to wake up, clock in, and do the same work each and every day of our lives. So, what is socially correct, is to basically be a robot that enjoys monotony. But, no one needs to live by these standards. There is no contract that you sign as an adult that binds you to this form of making a living. So, why are so many people conformed to it? It’s because people set subconscious limitations to what they truly desire to do for a living. It’s like having a nightmare while we sleep. We don’t make ourselves have the nightmare. It just happens because our minds are more powerful then we are. So, here’s what you do….you take that almighty mind of yours, and tell it what you really want in a career. Then, the “nightmare”, will become a dream turned reality. 
Everyone has that inhibited career goal within them. They may think it would take too long to get there, or it’d be too risky, or perhaps others wouldn’t buy into your business idea. Scary, right? But, you know what is scarier? Never taking that chance. Never pushing yourself to start your own business, and bring your creativity and ideas into fruition. Never ever knowing what could have been a true success story….that is very scary. 

We get just one chance at this life.

We all grow to have different ideas and inspirations that make us unique and different from every single other person on this planet. We are individuals that can each offer the world different types of expertise, products, services, etc. Our minds are like no one else’s. So, that alone should be reason enough to believe that your business idea will work. That unique mind of yours, created a concept that no other person has. It’s your idea, your passion, your dream, your goal, so make it happen. No one else has the power to make it happen.

You are your own genie 

Your vision, your career goals, and your dream life, can only be determined by your efforts. No one else can push you better than yourself. It’s your job to lead yourself towards the road of entrepreneurial success. The task is simple. Don’t let your mind be captured by the norms of society. Knock them down. And do only what is beyond your expectations and theirs’. The result is a self made, genie who made their career goals come true. 

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

*** Don't Have Money to Invest to Build Wealth? Invest Your Time *** {215}

Don't Have Money to Invest to Build Wealth? Invest Your Time

How to invest time instead of money to earn passive income

If you are like most folks you know that investing is a great way to build wealth. However most assume it takes being rich to get richer. But there is another way. Itwhat bootstrap entrepreneurs with no start-up capital do to get ahead. 

Sweat Equity and Perspiration Profit 

Have you ever heard about sweat equity? Sweat equity is the contribution we make to a project through our own effort, as opposed to buying a share with our money. Sweat equity could also be the value we add to our property but we are not talking about this kind of sweat equity. I will bet you have lots of that kind of sweat equity, but the problem is it won’t pay you dividends until you sell your home. Sweat equity investments can not only be lucrative but can come with much higher returns than capital investments. However there is a catch, you only have so much time in a day. This is why it is so important to focus your sweat on things that will not only make you income now but continue to make you more in the future. 

Sweat Equity is Effort that Adds to or Produces an Asset  

Most people think that an asset is only purchased. But that is not the case. Here is a list of cash producing assets that can be built with sweat equity. 
  • Writing a book 
  • Writing a song or album 
  • Building a Product 
  • Creating an Educational Training Course 
  • Building an network 
  • Building a customer base 

All of these things can be built with sweat equity and can continue to pay you long after you do the work. 

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, they say. I used to believe that when I was working for someone else. That was the second dumbest thing I ever did. The dumbest was applying for the job in the first place. Once I had access to the financials of the company I worked for, I discovered that smart people get richer. Others are grateful for a pay rise to cover inflation. 

It is Time to Have a Plan B 

Employers have gone away from the idea that an employee is a long-term asset to the company, someone to be nurtured and developed, to a new notion that they are disposable. Before the boss disposes of you, you need to find a way out of the relationship. 
Do not kid yourself into thinking the boss loves you to bits for what you do, or that the company plans to keep you in comfort forever. That only happens to horses nowadays that gave of their best. You are where you are because you are a moneymaking machine. The only problem is you are not making money for you. 

Building a Network and Customer Base 

We are not best selling authors, musicians, inventors of products or educational thought leaders. All of these ways to use sweat to build equity requires a talent. We however we do not require any special talents because all you need to do to start investing with your effort to build equity is to build a network.

Anyone can build a network. 

In fact everyone already has a network. They just don’t have a vehicle to turn that network into a cash producing asset. If you want to learn how normal people just like you are leveraging the power of networks to have more time, earn passive income and make their own schedule.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

*** The Smart Way to Start a Business Is to Copy What Already Works*** {214}

The Smart Way to Start a Business Is to Copy What Already Works

When I was still working for other people in an eight to five job, all I knew of owning a business was what I read on news sites after work. The space seemed to be reserved for people who were already wealthy: People who could easily afford the costs of starting a business from scratch. I believed I was stuck with working for other people forever, as I did not have the necessary capital. My only hope appeared to be to knuckle down, make my employer rich, and hope to retire with a pension.I would still be in that space today, if somebody did not introduce me to a better way of making money for myself one Christmas Eve.
I want to share this business knowledge with you.These are the lessons I learned that day.

Starting Up a Business Does Not Have to Cost a Pile of Money

Getting into business can be an easy ride if we copy what already works. There are loads of people out there wanting business affiliates to do their marketing for generous commissions. If I told you how to take advantage of this, would you be interested? I bet you would after I added you have only minimal start-up costs. The start-up costs you are going to save are what prevent most other folks from getting into business. By far the largest of these expenses are likely to be research and development, intellectual property protection, and developing the brand. With my way, you are going to avoid this unnecessary expenditure because someone else already paid for it.

A Franchise can work but is the expensive option

Before I start, I want to make it very clear that I am not using a franchise. I use a business opportunity that is ready to fire up in a few hours for next to nothing. A franchise can cost a small fortune to buy because it usually requires a brick and mortar store front. It can be a sure-fire way to make money if it is in the right space. The downside is the fortune it costs to open. Moreover, you can only sell in a small part of the market. So there may be an opportunity in the market, but the gap is small until someone else opens up in competition with you. After that, who knows? There could be no gap at all. You could lose all your money and walk away with nothing.

Ditch the Franchise. Let’s Talk About Leveraged Residual Income

If you are reading this, you are likely in fixed employment, or subcontracting / freelancing for other people. Either way, you earn a set rate per month or per hour, no matter how brilliant your contribution. Your employer leverages their income from your efforts by selling your results for two or three times more. I want to share the two most important things I learned that Christmas Eve, with you.
• When we market another person’s goods or services, we save money off start-up costs by using something that already works and is done for us. That is why we have no product development costs and can start earning commissions right away. Best of all, we can run the business from home and that is another cost savings.
• When we sell a renewable product - for example term insurance, roadside assistance, or legal advice to name a few - we get paid a commission every time a client makes a payment. We call this residual income because we sold a product that provides value, but the customer has to keep on renewing or repurchasing to continue to receive the benefit.
This Means You Get Paid Over and Over for Work You Do Once.
Can you see how much better that can be than working, freelancing, or contracting? Would you like to start leveraging residual income from somebody else’s idea that already works? We have some great ideas we offer. You can run them concurrently with the other things you do, even along side your job while you ramp your new business up. Welcome to a fantastic business model that you can even franchise yourself earning from the efforts of others. Now that’s adding real leverage to your income earning potential.


Saturday, December 17, 2016


5 Things Self-employed People Wish You’d Stop Saying

Being self-employed has changed vastly over the last few years, and the world of work and industry is catching up with what people want form their workplace fast. Self-employment has changed from being a last resort to the first choice for a lot of people, but there are still some misconceptions that self-employed people would like to dispel. So, before you ask the questions, we’re going to answer them for you!

1 – Yes, but it’s not like having a real job

A lot of people still think that a “real” job is one in an office, with a boss and a fixed paycheck. These people don’t believe that being self-employed is the same as having a “real” job. However, people who are successfully self-employed are earning the same kind of money – often more – and putting in the same hours. The difference is, they’re skipping the horrible commute and doing their job in the comfort of their own home.

2 – Oh, but don’t you miss being around other people?

One of the things about being self-employed that concerns people is that their social lives will suffer from not being around other people. But if you really think about it, that makes no sense. If you have friends and family, you make time to see them outside of work hours and you’re not going to suddenly stop doing that by working for yourself. Besides, did you know that being around co-workers can be super-distracting and make you less productive and efficient? Imagine if you had no co-workers distracting you: how much faster would you do your work? You could not only get more done, but you could finish sooner and the upside of finishing your work when you’re self-employed is, you don’t have to hang around the office being bored! You have time to do whatever you want. Plus, you don’t have to deal with office politics…

3 – So you’re a Stay-at-Home Mom/Dad?

Many people opt to be a Work-From-Home parent when they have children. That, however, isn’t quite the same thing as a Stay-at-Home parent. SAH parents focus solely on child-rearing, and often home-school their kids. Their daily routine involves a great deal of responsibility for cleaning, feeding kids, educating, playtime and so on. WFH parents, on the other hand, usually send their kids to day care or preschool, and while they take care of some of the household tasks, and are available to take children to their after-school activities, the doctor and so on, they still do a full day’s worth of business-based work.

4 – It must be great to be able to take time off whenever you want!

Planning vacation time in a corporate environment can be tricky and involve negotiation, but that doesn’t mean people who are self-employed can take leave whenever they want. They still need to work out when will be the best time to go on vacation, and they still need to plan their budgets. For example, if you work for yourself and your busiest time is in July and August, you’d be foolish to go away for three weeks during this time. Yes, you do have a lot more freedom and don’t have to take your co-workers into consideration, but it still takes planning!

5 – I’d love to be able to get up whenever I want…

This is my personal “favourite”. I often get calls from family members at 9 or 10 in the morning and they always ask “are you still sleeping?” My answer is always the same: “No, I’ve been working for several hours now.” A lot of people equate being self-employed with being lazy, when the opposite is true. Most of the self-employed people I know are perfectly happy to get out of bed at a reasonable hour, put in their work and try and maintain a workable routine. The big difference is, it’s a routine that works for you. You decide whether you work best in the mornings or at night, how many hours a day you’re willing to put in and how much free time you want. If you’re happy to pull 16-hour days and earn six figures, that’s your choice. If you decide that four hours a day works for you, and you’re happy earning in line with that, then that’s your choice, too.
The beauty of being self-employed is that you have control over your working conditions. No two self-employed people do things exactly the same way, and that’s ok. Working for yourself means exactly that. You decide what you want and need out of your work and personal life, and you get to make that work.
I'm currently looking for some motivated people to help me expand.

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